Friday 1st August 2008

As I left the gym and walked to the changing room, I heard a fresh song play on the gym sound system. It was Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac. As I got changed I wondered if I had the song in my car, as I suddenly had the urge to listen to it on the drive home. I knew it was on my Drive Time album but it was a case of making sure I chose the correct disc (one of two). When I got back into the car I grabbed my CD case (always and only Case Logic) from the back seat and found I did have both discs. I chose disc two and it was pot luck. The Fleetwood Mac was track seven. There is something special about hearing one of your all time favourite songs which you have not heard in ages. I am sure I have mentioned this before but my drive time compilation album is my most complete. There were two concepts behind the burning of the two discs (although I could have gone onto a third). Songs ideal for listening to in the car but also, three tracks, (80s or earlier, 90s and 00s). The decade pattern was how the tracks were burnt, I am sure you are aware of how difficult it can be to justify a track order. I then stumbled upon Everybody Wants To The Rule The World by Tears For Fears, a quintessential driving song. Then the final track was Semi-Charmed Life by Third Eye Blind, which I timed perfectly to finish, just as I parked outside on my drive. Sometimes everything in life just clicks. Pav was bugging me to come and catch The Dark Knight with him on Wednesday night, with the Poole, Sazzle and big Phil. I declined the invitation, even though I was keen to watch the movie again. On Tuesday, it came to close to begging but I still would not budge. I was surprised to see him online on Wednesday evening, the showing was for 8pm (meaning if I had wanted to go it would have been a rush from the gym over to the Oracle). The screening had been sold out and therefore there was no trip to Vue. Now this is why I always book online in advance, people laugh at me doing so but it is worth the booking fee to confirm your seats and not be left, like Pav and co in this situation with an evening with nothing to do. Or rather have to make alternative plans, like polish the M3 again! Gym has been going well and I have started to get used to my new weight programme. However on Sunday they switched their dedicated news channel from Sky News to BBC News. Not sure why (perhaps people were complaining about the constant stream of adverts) but I found it a little strange to see Huw Edwards rather than Jeremy Thompson. A change but in any case, as much as I enjoy the quality of Sky News, over recent years I have grown a great fondness for BBC News and their team. On the television horizon, I have plenty to watch. There is Wall-E (a telesync that a friend provided the other day), episodes four to seven of John Adams, plus another movie, Vantage Point. I hope to watch at least two out of the three but it more likely feels it will just be the one. My blog was listed by Diamond Geezer on his blog yesterday. It was a great achievement although I have been featured in previous years. It is a blog I read every day and seven times out of ten, it always worth reading. So in a way to return the favour, please go and check out his blog, bookmark it and keep coming back for more, like I do! My weekend plans are quite lame, if I am honest. Not a lot going on. Going to get onto the family computer tomorrow morning and see if I can sort a few bits out (even if it is just updated AVG) I know the TomTom needs to be updated and then I can attack my friend’s computer and hopefully get that working. A motherboard transplant (if I can get the donor machine working). I am also hoping to catch the Emirates Cup on Sky Sports although it might be a tight window before I head out. Tomorrow night I am in Reading to go out for a meal for Andy’s 30th birthday (all arranged by his devoted girlfriend Nicola). Not sure if I have been to the Xen before but should be a great evening but after the food, not sure what the plans are, the birthday boy is in charge! Sunday morning will be spent in the gym and then perhaps a visit to relatives in Bedford but not sure whether that has been confirmed or not yet. Whatever you get up to this weekend, enjoy! Can you believe that August is here already?

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