Friday 15th April 2005

As yet another Friday disappears across the horizon, maybe just maybe this entry will bring with it something different. The day went as expected. Work was busy, at times hectic but overall straightforward. Throughout this week, I have woken up with acute but not heavy headaches and this morning was no different. Hoping a shower would help shake it off and give me some relief I spent longer in the bathroom than normal. It did little to help and by the time I got into the car, the pain was there, throbbing in the background. Knowing I would find it difficult to concentrate the moment I walked into the office. Grabbing my bag I, got out some tablets and decided to take one, holding another in reserve for later in the morning. One was enough, giving some relief from the pain and enabling me to face the devil for the day. Not sure about your work days, but mine tend to fly past. Mornings can be slow, up to 11am, but by then something is happening and various tasks that need to be completed. Then, by the time lunch time comes around the office is a buzz with colleagues making haste with bundles of paperwork. Then, the afternoon long and drawn, stares at us, as we watch the clocking, wanting the minutes to pass by just that little bit brisker. The phones pick up, so you are then constantly busy with various support calls until the end of the day, but by then the office has become quite a lonely place and there are only a handful of colleagues still milling around. Then, the dash for the car park to see only a handful of cars remaining, with a few managers working late. Then heading home, on a short, uneventful journey to arrive home in time for Hollyoaks.

As I began writing this entry, WinAmp was playing my Audio collection in the background, as normal. I just dump a decade into the play list and let the random shuffle take over. The song flicked over to Take On Me. But not the original by teen pinups a-ha but the Metro Club Extended Mix by A1. Just as if scripted by some top drawer Hollywood director, my Dad walked into my room and told me that they were on a UK tour, later this year and that I should book tickets immediately, in order not to be disappointed. My mind stopped and I considered that perhaps this truly was my last chance. While a-ha are one of my favourite bands (I have all but one of their albums) I have yet to see them live. In December 1998, they reformed for Nobel Peace Prize ceremony concert and I should have been there. Sure it was in Norway, but it was at the time my interest in the band was at it’s peak, and I had a large network of international a-ha fans, whom I had made contact with over the past few months. While I could be forgiven to let that opportunity to see a-ha live slip, there are no excuses for my next mistake. A few years later, a-ha had produced a new studio album for the first time in almost ten years and were once again touring. In October 2002, their tour bought them to England, namely Wembley Arena. On this occasion I got as far as going to book a ticket online, but every attempt I made, I reconsidered and decided to either wait or perhaps have something more important going on. As it would transpire, the weekend of the concert, I would find myself in Wrexham, spending the weekend renewing my long term friendship with DJ. So yet again, I found myself with the opportunity to see one of my favourite bands live in the UK. The choice of venue was important, I had Wednesday local trip to Wembley or a Saturday night in the Midlands. I opted for the earlier weekend date, purely for the ability to make a weekend out of the concert and spend time shopping at the BullRing or locality. So the two tickets are booked. Now, the next big questions, who do I take with me?

I am constantly surprised and inspired by the regular response I get for this blog. Comments tend to be quite thin on the ground generally and most postings are undeserving of any feedback. Yet a band of loyal readers feel it important to comment on what I have said and give their own fifty pence. It is not always my own selfish ego that makes me come back and write on this web site. It is more and more about the people who read and enjoy reading this site that make me strive to continue.

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