Friday 13th November 2009

In readiness for Series Three of Gavin & Stacey I have been catching up on the first two series and the Christmas episode from last year. Unlike most people that may be using BBC iPlayer I was given the downloaded episodes by Pav on Tuesday afternoon. I never caught the show during the intial run on BBC3 or repeats on BBC2. It has taken a little while to get into the style of comedy but eventually (third episode in) I was laughing hysterically. My favourite has to be Bryn West (played perfectly by Rob Brydon). Watching Larry Lamb in a comic role is rather strange having watched him four times a week in Albert Square. Does anyone else notice that he rarely makes eye contact with the people he is speaking to in Eastenders? I finished the first series (and made a good dent into series two) yesterday and had to take a screenshot from the S02E03.

Home Gym Workout

What more inspiration do I need to get back into the gym and hitting those weights hard. Obviously Pav “The Beast” Khural is Smithy in the above photo and I am the lean machine Bryn AKA Andrew “The Feather” Tegala. Good times!

I know there could be a lot more people I should follow on Twitter but have been keen to keep my following list to a manageable amount. Only by browsing onto one of the fan sites on Tuesday evening, did I discover that my favourite RnB starlet, Keri Hilson was on Twitter. I instantly started to follow her and added a little message to introduce myself to my idol. I doubt she saw the tweet in the mass of her 417,214 followers (at time of posting). It is great to be able to read messages from an artist you admire, it brings them down to earth. It makes them real, with tweets such as going to the dentist or to the cinema to see a horror movie with a friend.

Following my attempts to purchase The Two Georges from Waterstones in town last week, I am pleased to announce my copy arrived from eBay seller Brit Book. (Domain name registered but no website, so just check out their eBay shop). I began reading it quite late yesterday night, or rather technically this morning (at midnight thirty). Fascinating and I know it is a book I will find difficult to put down, although I will try (for once) to read Guillver’s Travel at the same time. Have you ever been able to read two (or more) books concurrently? I have always found it difficult and stuck to one book at a time. Will see how this experiment goes.

I headed into London this afternoon to meet up with some friends in Westfield. I was hoping that I would bring me good news but instead brought no news at all. While in the restaurant on the south terrace, a friend noticed someone behind us, “Do you ever watch BBC3? The 60 Second news segment between the programmes?” I knew who they were referring to instantly and responded with “Tasmin Lucia Khan. Yes, I set up her Facebook appreciation group a few years ago. A few minutes later, I had to turn around and confirm it was her. Even though she was wearing a black trilby, I could tell it was the newsreader from her petite frame. As she left the restaurant, an hour or so later, she performed a little twirl (I would like to think just for me, but I believe it was for practical reasons to put on her jacket and grab her back onto her shoulder) and the confirmation was made. One of the highlights of my evening perhaps?

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