Sunday 8th November 2009

Unlike the rest of the working population, I have no set bedtime on a Sunday evening. After getting back from London around midnight, I watched the X Factor Results show on Sky+, skipping right up to the result and then showdown performances from Rachel and Lloyd. After watching Rachel depart (I knew the result already as my sister Samantha text me during the show and I had picked this up as I left the Vue cinema in Greenwich.) I was not that tired, so I decided to jump on the computer and after updating the usual status updates on Twitter and Facebook, I decided to watch a movie. I had wanted to see I Love Beth Cooper, from the moment I saw the trailer at the start of the year. It was released over the summer in the UK (the weekend I had flown out to Valencia in fact) so I downloaded a few weeks back. The main draw was just not the main star but just the crazy antics the cast get up to. Another high school comedy in the same vain as American Pie. I suppose my expectations were a little too high based on the trailer. The film did not really go anywhere and the only redeeming feature was Lauren London in a supporting role. You may recognise her as one of the Independent women from the Neyo music video from last year. It was fun, with some funny lines and completely outrageous set pieces but overall, in my opinion it failed to do deliver. Sometimes even a star name in the title role (following on from her success playing a similar character in a extremely popular international sci-fi series) cannot save a film. Christopher Columbus I expect better from you. The week started with much optimism, with Monday turning out to be a very productive day. I cleaned my Mum’s car and even vacuumed my car as it was such a sunny day. I was fully motivated to get things done and achieved most of my tasks for the day. TV Tuesday was a rather lazy day, but I felt I had earnt it after such a storming performance the previous day. On Wednesday morning I headed over to Staines for an agency interview. After the initial chat, I had to go through an Excel assessment online. This was a complete waste of my time. You were not allowed to use the right click context menu, which made making calculations or edits extremely difficult. On top of this, the Java applet running in the background kept appearing as a pop-up, asking if I wanted the question repeated or to move onto the next one. I persevered and completed what I could (there were fifty-five questions in total) but this was far beyond a real-life scenario. I am confident in my Excel skills so the test was elementary in my opinion. The gym search has begun in earnest, as I am keen to get back into the workout routine as soon as I gain employment (hopefully in the next week or so). I popped to The Fitness Centre in Loudwater on Thursday afternoon. Although they have a good offer in conjunction with the Department Of Health Change 4 Life scheme. (I am sure you have seen the adverts on television with the Plasticine characters). The subsidised membership is £20 rather than £35 but there are only limited 75 places and there was 4 left at the time I was being given my tour. The gym was compact, spread over three floors with the changing rooms on the first floor. It just did not feel like the place I could train, it felt compact. When it was busy I could imagine having to train practically on top of other gym users. I would try a few more gyms before making my final decision. I wanted to pop over The Wycombe Sports Centre on Friday but was too busy with other things put decided to pop over yesterday afternoon. I am sure the car park used to be free a few years ago. I have not been to this centre for many years, even though I did used to have swimming lessons (which of course was a complete waste of time) for several years when I was a pupil at Lansdowne County Middle School (now Chepping View). The whole place has been refurbished and a new multi-million pound gym installed downstairs. There was a long queue at reception and I felt I should have come another day when it would be less busy. When I got to the reception desk to ask about the gym, I was advised to just pop straight downstairs to see the person on the gym desk. I was impressed with all the new kit, it felt like a place I could come to train in the morning. I know Pavneet Singh Khural will be very sad for me to join this gym as he wants me to become a fellow apprentice following in the footsteps of Nige. While it would be great to bump into Rocky on Tuesday’s I need a gym close to home that I will actually attend on regular basis. It is about a fifteen walk from my house, which will be ideal in the summer, but I am hoping to stick to the same routine as in Newbury with early morning sessions during the weekdays and then a hardcore session on Sunday morning. We shall see. Although it will be good, to finally learn to swim at the tender age of twenty eight! BT is back blogging, he has had a blog for a while but I was only informed of it’s existence earlier this week. Since then it has had a quick cosmetic revamp before the man Tuck begins posting again. At the moment there are several original stories to read and photos to view, so please go and check out Paranoid Android. This gave me an ideal opportunity to update my blog roll list, many of my friends stopped blogging years ago but for some reason I have kept the links. The list has finally been updated. If anyone has any good blogs, of their own or to suggest, which deserve a read please let me know. While out on Friday night in Reading with Pav, he passed me his iPhone, he had received a text message from BT. Thankfully he also updated his Facebook status at the same time, so I thought it best to just take a screengrab and post it here.

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