Covering Deafspots

Moving to a full online streaming based music platform means I have to contend with rights issues. (Of course, you would be quick to say that that has never stopped me in the past and I would have to agree.) Therefore I have to consider artists and more predominately labels not signed up to Spotify and ensure somehow I can get access to this material. Once again, hardly a major barrier to me getting what I want.

I shall not be revealing my methods into the public domain but this is a serious question that many people are having to grapple with. What if a song you love is not on the platform? You are not going to pay extra to get a lossless file format service such as Tidal. Even in the Spotify world, songs I really like such as Jay Z & Kanye West – “In Paris” have been active but then removed from Spotify. Many of BeyoncĂ©’s recent material is completely missing as she has an exclusive deal with her husband’s streaming provider. While things like that do not bother me that much because I can plan to have certain material on old skool CD format in the car and readily available. I can probably cram 200 songs onto a 700mb CD-R. The problem comes when I want to play a song I am in the mood for at that moment in time. I can pause the current song and just shout out OK Google Play “X” on Spotify and technology just works, 99% of the time.

Going on a slight tangent but it will be worth the ride. Trust me! Do you have a guilty pleasure? Easy watching after a hard day in the office. We did try to watch a previous series of Celebs Go Dating. I recall the show being stored on our PVR. However, we only watched a handful of episodes (probably two). There was that young kid from Diversity whom they used to throw around but has now finally grown up (Perri Kiely for those people wondering). In any case having been so heavily trailed across the Channel 4 network, including Lady Essex herself being interviewed on Sunday Brunch I decided to set the PVR. Please note as we both retire to bed early, we were always watching the previous nights episode, early the following evening. What a bunch of characters. I am glad I am not single. I would hate to be out playing the game in this day and age. (I just sound such an old man reading out loud what I have just typed). I should really get to the point. Well, as usual, my ears are finely attuned to listen out for any music I like on the show. One segment when Sarah Jane Crawford was debriefing Nadia & 50-year-old Eden Blackman when a short snippet of a song was played. It took me two attempts but I was able to Shazam it and discover the artist and song name. For the record though, the comedian Rob Beckett makes the show. Without his hilarious narration, the show would not be the draw it is. For sure, this is no First Dates with the delectable Fred Sirieix.

The song that had seen SJC leaving the Celebrity Dating Agency and rushing for a Black Cab was Never Been Kissed by Chloe Adams. The interesting thing though, is that this YouTube star’s first single was not on YouTube. All you would find there was a studio-recorded “acoustic” version. For the real deal, you had to go over to one of the many streaming services (unsure if there was an exclusive deal with Spotify) but I found the song easily enough and started listening. Mission accomplished!

So record companies are becoming aware of the music ripping that takes place on the biggest video sharing site on the planet. Until a few years ago, this feature was baked into the website and there was no requirement for third-party apps. While this is of little concern for me, you can see how every app is now fully integrated. I Shazam a song and being offered to play the song in full on Spotify Premium. This also shows (similar to Last.FM) when the artist is next due to perform.

I feel we have not actually formed together with a coherent policy on how to cover songs that do not appear on Spotify. YouTube is usually the best option but some of the fan-uploaded content is not of the highest quality. As I have often said to my dear University friend Sippy – would you prefer the song at 128kbit/s or not at all? Silence speaks volumes. I would always prefer to have something to listen to, than nothing at all.

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