Tuesday 30th December 2003

Two full days of 2003 left, and this one is quickly passing me by with no thought that the year ahead is to be one of the toughest I have faced, in four years. Now thinking about it, perhaps even six years, because although my A Level exams where important, my GCSE’s where a much […]

Sunday 28th December 2003

Does it feel like a Sunday today? No, it does not. Actually I cannot tell you what day it feels like at all. The week gap between Christmas and the New Year is such a strange time. You lose tracks of the days and your sense of timing too! Have you seen the recent BBC […]

Wednesday 24th December 2003

I have been at home for almost a week, and with Christmas a few hours away it does feel strange. Strange in the sense, that the special day has come around again, so quickly. My memories of the last few Christmases are still fresh, each one filled with joy and happiness. I am looking forward […]

Friday 19th December 2003

A very busy day today, but I have found time to update my blog. Under normal circumstances I would not be updating but my dear friend Sippy, read my blog and gave me some additional food for thought! It was in relation to my views on perfume advertisements currently flooding our television screens. He quite […]

Thursday 18th December 2003

I got back into Wycombe, yesterday afternoon around 3.30pm. I have to admit that it is a great feeling to be back home. The plans for Christmas can now be put into full swing. Wednesday was quite a hectic day, packing everything, sorting out everything at my house. Saying goodbye to my housemates until the […]

Monday 15th December 2003

I purchased my Christmas Cards today. It is amazing how much time we spending browsing and searching for the perfect card for our friends and loved ones. I wonder, how much time we spending in a lifetime, doing such a trivial activity. It is one of those things that always takes longer than you expect. […]

Sunday 14th December 2003

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we got Him!” Those were the words used by Paul Bremer, to the cheers of Iraqis in the audience at the coalition press conference. These words filtered across the globe in a matter of seconds, with the power of the media. All I can say is that this day will forever live […]