Wednesday 21st October 2009

GREEK is a show I cannot miss and last week was a treat. Dale was going through a period of being an atheist (which was just hilarious to watch). If that alone was not enough, he was trying out an online relationship with Vampire Girl 69. Calvin recommends that both Dale and Rusty get out try dating in the real world. Dale’s response to this just had me in stitches. Calvin asks the question, “When did you become T-Pain?”. I should have realised that this was going to be a stellar episode based on purely the title, “The Dork Knight”. Genius, pure genius! I thought this week’s episode (screened in the US on Monday, downloaded by millions across the globe on Tuesday) was going to be Dale lite, but he made an appearance towards the end, with more classic one liners. The one I can actual post on my blog – “A girl without a college education should really learn to be less picky!”. I am curious to know if the Beeb will be showing season two or three on BBC3. Perhaps it was dropped after poor ratings for the first season. Shame, because I know a lot of people would enjoy watching it here in the UK. There were other lines but as I cannot repeat them here, you can just check out the tweets out there for all the world to read. I did not think they could do it, but the Beeb came up with their most comic episode of Eastenders yesterday, since Thursday 11th June this year. If you want to discuss the finer points from the episode over on Walford Web. Highlights included Heather’s pregnancy, Pat & Peggy wasted in the ice cream van (they stole) and Billie Jean by the late King Of Pop playing in the Vic, while Billy and Jean had a lunch date. That was a pure stroke of genius by the producers I have to say and it was my youngest sister Julie that actually picked up on it. I suppose I would have got there eventually but it was rather subtle, as background music goes. Although I am not sure if it was planned like that or if Jay is supposed to have put it on the jukebox. Overall an excellent episode which restored my faith in the soap. Yes, there has to be the dark and depressing storylines, the soap has to reflect real life but it is sometimes just as important to get the funny stories in. I just hope packing them all into a single episode on a Tuesday does not leave them light for the rest of the month or even year!

Patrick Needs Air

I am acclimatizing to life back at home with my family. I am slowly getting my room back to the normality it was in in August last year. Although so far that has involved just getting my PC back up and running and clearing a great deal of paperwork into the correct files. The job hunt has been hard and I suppose today I hit the brick wall when motivation dips to an all time low. I will keep going and I have plenty to look forward to in the next few weeks. Thankfully with the support of my friends and family I am getting through and trying to stay positive. I suppose not many people realise that I am back in Wycombe, until now as I make it common knowledge on the blog. Yes, it is not ideal but I would rather be here than anywhere else right now. Plus there are benefits, such as Sky Sports and cooked food. Could I ask for any more? Well yes a return to 8meg broadband would be nice but I am coping with 2meg at the moment, will see how long it lasts.

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