Tuesday 8th March 2005

How long before the Doctor returns? If I am honest with you, I was never a big of the series, but did watch Sylvester McCoy play the Time Lord. That was my era, the late 1980s, with myself at the perfect age, just starting school to find the science fiction series fascinating. Sure, looking back now, even with rose tinted spectacles, the show has aged very badly. Particularly when you hold it up against American shows from the same period. For my impressible mind, McCoy was intriguing, and his assistant, Ace, had some great, if cheesy lines was played by cute Sophie Aldred 🙂

In May 1996, I waited patiently, just as I do now for the Doctor’s return, but at that time, as great as the story was, it did not re-capture the magic of the original series. Unable to convince their American backers, with poor viewing figures across the pond, compared to the 9 million UK viewers. Last year, while trying to avoid doing work on my project, I watched the various episodes on BBC Online, in flash with Richard E. Grant at the helm. They were comical but with serious fast moving plots. As I had waited, I was able to watch each episode one after the other. Looking back these were wasted afternoons, at my student student house, passing the time before Hollyoaks. came on at 6.30pm. Then, it was announced that our trepid explorer of time and space would be returning in 2005.

The lessons have been learnt, and here I am again, nine years later waiting for a new Doctor to take on the mantle of Time Lord and for new adventures in the Tardis. The casting is inspired, particularly once Pop starlet, Billie Piper as the assistant. Although Rose, does not quite hit the same spot as Ace (on so many levels). Even with my matured age, and more refined tastes. I will ignore the leak, true fans such as myself will wait for a few weeks for the broadcast. Some of us have no need for spoilers or sneak previews, we can wait for the real mccoy. Although, looking back in my humble opinion, Walk of Life is an amazing single and should have done much better than 25, on the UK Top 40 back in December 2000.

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