Doctor Hollywood

The saying is often repeated, do not meet your heroes, for they will always let you down. They will never live up to the high expectations you had in your mind. In modern times, with platforms such as Twitter, our celebrity and sporting heroes are only a short 140 character message away. This is not a new topic, I covered at length some of my dialogue with Hip Hop stars and mega film sirens via Twitter. Back in January 2013 I made the stupid mistake of placing one of my football heroes into the wrong position. He was not going to let me get away with such a stupid mistake!

Twitter Fail

Back in 2001 I got the chance to meet Chesney Hawkes, as he was playing an event at a Halls of Residence in my university city. After his performance, a small group of people queued to get a photograph and autograph with the 1990s popstar. I believe I was third in line and eventually got somebody to take a photograph. Obviously I was only 9 years old when the movie Doctor Hollywood was released and it was only in the last few years that I became aware of the Michael J. Fox vehicle. The movie opens up with the song The One & Only. I scrambled from the lounge to my bedroom to record the showing on Channel 5 many years ago. Will always be one of those favourite early 1990s anthems.

Chesney Hawkes - Saturday 16th June 2001

Almost six years ago, I was working and living in Newbury. (I seem to be making my way up and down the M4 corridor, but more on that for another post!) During the first weekend in August I happened to have an extremely packed Sunday. The afternoon was spent at the racecourse, the evening out for an Indian and then drinks over in the Canal Bar. Our colleague Matt was performing and I happened to capture his final song, which coincidentally was a cover of one of my favourite songs. Although the clip has been public on YouTube for many years, it can only claim 276 views. I thought by including on my blog, it would perhaps gather a few more hits to maybe break pass the triple digit barrier. Now, I should really try and contact Matt for his permission to share his musical talent on global platform.

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