Wednesday 2nd February 2005

As I left the house this morning, I was in the need of some music to cheer me up. Although the desire to listen to Michael was still there, I needed something more uplifting and suited to the morning cruise to the office. Searching my limited and quite pathetic looking album collection, there was nothing that came to mind at first glance. In comparison to my world famous, MP3 collection this was a painful decision. In the end, I opted for “Life is a Flower” by the Swedish super group, Ace of Base. Listening to it once, one line in the chorus kept me going through a hectic morning and steady afternoon on the support desk. Thankfully the person to benefit most from the events of last night, was not in the office today. Just putting off the evitable shame that comes hand in hand with a defeat at home, to your arch title rival. I am beginning to hate Chelsea fans with more hatred than those from the white side of North London. Having had the time to consider the game, looks like yet again, Arse Blog comes back with the rational view from the fans. Cliche ridden I know, but it was a game of two halves and we just decided not to turn up for the remaining forty-five, thinking the game was already in the bag. So, the thoughts of a fan, published on the site, tell us that the title race is well and truly over. May, in my eyes, is still a long long way away. Who knows what the next day will bring? Who knows if the next kick of the ball, will bring victory or failure? Life is a flower So precious in your hand Carry on smiling And the world will smile with you

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