Wednesday 25th January 2006

Monday this week has been calculated to the worse day of the year. While I can appreciate some of the academic thinking behind this formula, it is a bit lost on me. January, sure is not a great month, but by no means is it all doom and gloom (as the media would make you believe.) I think we just have to be positive and look ahead to what the year has in store, rather than worry about the massive credit card bill from Christmas, the expensive gym membership you signed up for three weeks ago and have only been twice. What is done, cannot be undone, time to move on.

My Dad bought home some football programmes for me in November. Two programmes for the Chelsea versus Charlton Carling Cup match. After putting them on my shelf with the rest of my football or rather Arsenal related memorabilia, I decided it deserved a better home. Yet, it was only last week, that I got the address I needed. There was no point sending just before the Christmas period, only for the package to be delayed with grandma’s wooly jumper to Bradley in Tring. So my Dad sent it on Monday last week and Daniel, finally received on the other side of the world on Saturday and updated his blog on Sunday. Ironically the same day that these two London teams would meet again in the Premiership and manage a draw. Expect him to review the magazine later this week, after the new year celebrations.

There has been a steady buzz surrounding many new programmes on television recently. Many of my friends are hooked on the American drama Lost, while others are intrigued by Invasion, both found screening (now or very soon) over on Channel 4. I have yet to be sucked into the euphoria of this must watch programming. What do the Yanks call it? Oh yeah, water cooler television, programming so good that people meet up by the coffee machine to discuss every aspect of the show in minute detail. To be honest, I just do not have the time to fit in watching another television show. My plate is already full with Eastenders, two weekday episodes of Hollyoaks and a compliment of live Premiership, Champions League and Cup club football with a sprinkling of internationals and Spanish La Liga. Where can I find time to fit in watching another series, which would be at least an hour long. No room I am afraid. After all you are talking to the man, that has a copy of Mysterious Cities Of Gold, which he purchased in December 2003 and still has seen no more than the first episode. DVDs remained sealed in their cellophane packages on my shelf from Christmas 2004. When will I get around to watching these movies? Maybe sometime later this year, who knows? Maybe they will just remain on the shelf to gather more dust. Then perhaps I need to remind the world that I have never seen an episode of Friends or 24.

Talking of Hollyoaks, most people wonder why I watch this teen soap. Eastenders they can forgive me for, but Hollyoaks, is a completely different kettle of fish. I have tried in previous entries to try and explain, how my recent love affair with the residents of Chester began but it is difficult to know where to begin. When the show began in 1995 (yes, eleven years ago) I watched now and again and had a vague idea of storylines and exaggerated plots. My sisters were big fans and watch the weekend repeat religiously. However with constant character changes and lack of continuity in parts they lost their patience. I then had a small spell when I started watching the show again (if extremely brief) when I was at college, but once again I lost the motivation to continue watching. So how have things changed? How have I become the biggest fan of Hollyoaks on the planet (if not the universe!) Well at University, I would fill in the idle early evening gap, with some food and watch the show. Yet it was not until early last year, and my new job (with more friendly hours) enabled me to catch an episode almost as soon as I got through the door. Plus the benefit of E4 to take a first look at the following nights episode, only to then watch it again on Channel 4 on scheduled screening. Now where is all these leading, I hear you cry? Why is Teg just waffling? Well the main reason I love the show is due to the comic book nature of the storylines. Take this intriguing episode screened on this evening. Stick with me here, it is worth it. Right the basic storyline is girl likes girl but girl has boyfriend studying at another University somewhere else in the UK. She decides to end it with her long term boyfriend to be with the new guy. However, to her shock horror instead of receiving her letter labeled “Welcome To Dumbsville”, he arrives at her Halls of Residence, with some exciting news. He has transferred to her University and taken the same course he was studying previously (Architecture). Anyway, we pick up the story at the SU bar. Jessica buys the drinks at the bar. But Mark only has one thing on his mind. Getting his groove on.

Please note the over gracious thumbs up to the DJ and embarrassing reaction on the face of Jessica, the uncontrollable sniggering from the brunette at the bar (far left), while Mark busts a few shapes. Jessica then looks up, with a hint of a smile at the guy she truly wanted to be with. The final spin (with hand clap) is just electric! This was literally Murder On The Dancefloor. Maybe they were trying to do a parody of the successfully Lynx commercial from a few years ago, with that catchy theme music. In any case, is this not more fuel to the fire, that White Men Can’t Dance. (Don’t worry it is just the name of a film!) Personally I think the evidence above speaks for itself but if you really have the stomach for some more cringeworth acts, feel feel free! Catch the omnibus on T4 on Sunday morning if you can, the marathon begins at 9.20am, if you want the background story, but expect to watch the above screencaptured magic moments, at approximately 10.43am (give or take three minutes for the ad breaks). If even after this grand opportunity, you miss the segment, let me know I will upload my video clip, somewhere.

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