Wednesday 18th April 2007

I like it when things slowly fall into place. My N73 case and magnetic dock arrived on Monday. Then on Tuesday my Parrot Bluetooth GPS car kit arrived, I was surprised at how small it was, even the GPS antenna. We are getting there, slowly but surely. Matt gets back from his holiday in Oz on Saturday so I should be in the position to order the parts and have everything fitted before the month is out.

Parrot 3400 LS GPS

In other news, the Sky saga continues. I called up Sky on Monday to be told that my MAC code had been rejected for a second time and that 99% of migrations from Orange go the same way. Why could someone had not told me that before and saved me the grief! Anyway, I then had to call Orange and cancel my broadband but even without a contract (which expired sometime in late 2003) I still have to give 30 days notice. My broadband will be disconnected on 16th May. It will be the first time since September 2002, that I will be without internet access. I could of course go down the dial up route, which would be painful but an option. Or alternatively hijack one of the many wireless networks in my vicinity. However, most of those are securely locked down now and there is the recent case you might have picked up on the news. All I can say is that those ten days will be difficult without internet access but I am going to do my utter best to ensure the delay in moving providers is as minimal as possible. I am going to write to Sky and confirm my Orange cancellation date and make sure everything is in place. Got invitation for Sachin’s wedding on Monday. I am looking forward to it, but planning a quiet weekend, this weekend to prepare myself for the big night out in Leicester on 28th. I thought I should show my support for the release of BBC journalist Alan Johnston by displaying the link below.

Alan Johnston banner

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