Unmasking DG

Been a daily reader of the fantastic Diamond Geezer blog for over a decade. I stumbled on the daily East London-based diary from a link on ArseBlog way back in February 2003 and discovered he was doing a Count. Based on the famous Seasme Street character – Count von Count. I have the utmost respect for DG for many reason but the two overwhelming characteristics are his dedication to blog daily for the past thirteen years without a drop in quality or enthusiasm. Secondly in our celebrity obsessed world, he does so under a pseudonym. In the early days I was able to trace some links back and discover his real name is probably Simon. This was purely an educated guess from a site I had found online and as it also focused on the capital. My mission was to find the man behind the blog. Two weekends ago, he was in Slough and my deduction is he spent two days in my home town, as we have two blog posts dedicated to the Berkshire town. I wish I had been around to track him down, although it would be rather embarrassing to approach random men taking photographs and ask, “Are you Diamond Geezer?” This was not his first venture into the home of BBC comedy The Office (and now new Sky 1 comedy, You, Me & The Apocalypse). He actually came to see the newly opened bus station in June 2011, when I had been a resident for just over two months. Diamond Geezer does know I exist, I tweet him from time to time but he never replies. However I have appeared on his blogroll for many years, although missed out this year, as he decided to complete this update, the same weekend I was changing hosting packages and my site was offline. We all have egos, some are able to keep their need for self promotion in check, while others, myself included need to have our names attached somewhere, if not quite up in lights. If only I am going to be doing my own PR, I might as well attach my name.

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