Silly Season

August is a strange month of the year. With the height of holiday season, work takes on a dramatically different outlook. Many people are on holiday and countries around Europe effectively shut down for a minimum of two weeks, majority for the entire month. The office becomes a ghost town, with many people away, particularly at the start and end of the week. I suppose this is true for most modern workplaces. Sometimes it is difficult to remain focused when your time away is sometime in the distant future. You have probably noticed the change to the appearance of my blog. I had to make changes to my hosting plan at the end of last month and in a rush to get the site back online I just put on a rather generic template. I am still in the process of loading in plugins and adding in missing functionality. However, after five years, it felt like the right time to give the site a new lick of paint. Would greatly appreciate any feedback. Sometimes things happen in real life and you are unable to comprehend a true response. You could not have scripted them better yourself and then obtain one of the iconic images of not just the year but probably from a football perspective a decade! They call it silly season for a reason!

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