Tuesday 6th April 2004

I haven’t been avoiding blogging, as many would have you believe. Defeat is something that I’ve only tasted a few times with Arsenal this season and I am sure they will bounce back this evening against Chelsea. Once again, someone else has been able to put together the words that fit the current situation with the Gooners, in the most fitting phrases. Once again, I turn to my dear friend in Spain. The English teacher, well I presume that from how he ends most of his blog entries. Read the entry from after the game against Manchester United. You realise that his heart truly does lie in North London. Long may Arse Blog, come to provide all us Arsenal fans with a ‘fan’s view’ of life with the Red Army.

Had some relatives over, during the past few days. I must say it has been nice and pleasant to see them again. Not sure of the exact dates, but last saw them in Paris, Easter 1993. We do have a small twenty minute video of the trip, and there are some classic moments. Including the wearing of some jumpers that Zack Morris, of Saved By The Bell fame would have been ashamed off. Luckily the VHS has gone missing to save my blushes. Well for the time being anyhow. My uncle is a big fan of cricket, so we have been watching the opening two days of the 2nd Test between India and Pakistan in Lahore. I must admit that I am not a big fan of cricket. I do enjoy the one day internationals and of course the World Cup. However, it lacks the speed, fluidity and flair that football has. The games are drawn out affairs, taking place over the course of several days. That is not to say, that split second events and actions do not turn a game around, I just feel, as a sport it lacks the excitement and sheer entertainment value of football. Pakistan have made a good return following the first Indian innings and reached a commanding 355-3. Will have to see how the next few days go, but I feel that Pakistan will win this test, and India, hopefully come back and win the series. I will of course be keeping an eye on the scorecard, if not watching explicitly on Sky.

What else is there mention in my blog? Well I am back in Wycombe for the Easter break. Got to get my project wrapped up and my report written and exam revision organised. I am glad to be back, even though I’ve not actually made a conscious decision to contact any of my friends, thus far. I will do later this week. I know, if I get in touch with them now, I will meet up with them earlier and consequently get very little work done. Better I get down to some good work. Sorry if this entry lacks some of the now regularly emotion, wit, humour and reflection. I just am not in that frame of my mind at the moment. I feel the reason for this is, my environment. I am back at home with my family. There is so much going on and so many other distractions (Sky, friends, driving) that I find it difficult to find myself and the time to actually perhaps be myself as I do, when in Leicester. For when there, I still in my room, all alone, with only my thoughts guiding the flow of my fingers on the keyboard. Right now, I do not have the time or space to take such deep reflection. I know this will fragment many of future entries, but I shall try my best to bring some depth and feeling to my blog. If I fail in this, please let me know.

I end with a quote. A quote that should be filling the minds of some 12 players at Highbury. Arsene Wenger, should be doing his utmost best to make sure that two defeats do not equate to, “down and out”. Far from it. I never pictured myself quoting an impeached President’s quote on my blog, but then I suppose stranger things have happened. Perhaps one of the few truth’s the man spoke are symbolic of not just him and his predicament, but some challenge we all face at sometime in our lives.

A man is not finished when he’s defeated; he’s finished when he quits.” – Richard Millhouse Nixon

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