Tuesday 2nd October 2003

So an new month dawns, and September disappears into the abyss. However, with anything records remain of the past and they come back at times to haunt you, at times to bring joy to your heart. A incident when I logged back into my University account was to check the contents of my network drive the home drive (H:). Browsing throw the folders, I discovered an old excel spreadsheet with details of my MP3 database. I checked the date, it was 31st May 2002. My mind instantly flashed back to that time and how wonderful life was. I had just finished my exams and the World Cup was a mouth-watering prospect, with a few days away from England’s first group game. The file took me to a life, which now seems to be a completely different from where I am now and where I am heading. The most extraordinary fact is how my MP3 collection has grown, since the end of my second year and how the content of my web blogs have gone from a few lines detailing updates to the site, to an opportunity for me to tell the world what is on my mind.

487 days had passed since the date recorded on my MP3 database. In that time, my MP3 singles collection had grown from 1282, and increased by over double in the space of 16 months. The most dramatic rise is in the album collection. In May 2002, I had 37 albums. I now have 152, which is an increase of over 4 times. I have updated my Audio page to reflect the latest information with regards to my MP3 database. Due to University commitments, I will update it on a monthly basis.

Not sure if any of you have seen the latest Party Political Conference Broadcast from the Labour party. It did indeed make me chuckle. I would use the word that they use, but it is more borrow the idea of the classic MasterCard advertisements. However, the tagline changes to the comical: “There are some things a government can’t do. For everything else there’s Labour.” Interesting, very interesting but I’m not sure the most ideal marketing tactic for a political party heading for some rough times in the coming parliamentary session. Of course, time will tell.

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