Tuesday 26th July 2005

With Monday out the way, we get down to the bread and butter of the week. Two of my best online friends are actually friends in real life I met at University. So, in no particular order, let us take Nav. Naveen, is a would be blogger, but I hope his efforts in the future do him better justice. He came online this evening to inform me how is interview went in Peterborough yesterday and Newcastle today. Explaining that he was put through his paces, I was more interested in how he got to his destination. He had driven to Grantham and then taken the train and an extortionate return ticket. His next words hit me like a ton of bricks. Describing the weather, he recited the opening verse of Man In The Mirror by. I don’t need to say who it is by, you should know. If you don’t, you need your head examining. In an instant, I played the MP3 on my PC (the studio version, at the request of Nav!) An amazing song, which always reminds me of the opening to Moonwalker. In my head, I had an image of my friend, in his thin, black summer jacket, doing up the collar, as he has done on numerous occasions at Uni and a cold wind, blowing past him. Much like in the video, ‘Stranger In Moscow’. He went on to say that it a line he remembers ever since since his childhood. Only my dear friend, could warm my heart with such images. I know things have not been easy over the past few months on the job trail, and I have done little to help, but I just wanted to let you know that all the hard work and traveling (particularly this week) is worth it and I wanted to let you know, I’m always here. (Online on MSN nearly twelve hours of the day.)

Sippy came online, at a similar time to Nav with the words, ‘just read ur blog, wow, fantastic entry’. What else can I say? How do I respond to a compliment like that? I had even inspired Sippy to blog, after a few weeks absence. My friendship with Sippy goes back nearly five years now. We met at halls in the first year at University and have known each other since. While I was on placement and began this blog, he had started a similar blog, on his university site. As normal, my feeble attempt was surpassed by the creative ability of my friend. His Photoshop skills are second to none. Yet, in 2003, he gave up on blogging for nearly two years and only returned in March this year (after I threaten to kill him!). He had to send me some files, which he renamed, as only he can to a dot sip extension. Now Sippy, which program do I need to download to open this file? Nav, comes up with the most suitable response, “did he tell you use Sippy Explorer 6.0”. 🙂

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