Thursday 9th July 2009

I went to see Public Enemies at Oxford Vue yesterday evening, as my friend had the famous 2 for 1 deal with Orange. Maybe 2 for 1 is wrong and I should actually call it by the brand label of Orange Wednesdays. I got there early, leaving at 19:07 and getting to the car park opposite Kasam around 19:34. I used the time I had to call Ryan and confirm getting him online over the weekend when I would be back in Wycombe. I then waited for Clive to arrive, as he did, around 8:10pm and we headed straight up to the cinema to get our tickets armed with mobile phone and code. Clive also booked tickets for a friend to see Bruno in the early hours of Friday morning. We were in Screen 6, the same screen I had been in only five weeks earlier for Terminator Salvation. I was looking forward to the movie, I had seen the trailer and thought it might become a sleeper hit. It was very good and nice to see something different for a change. Do not get me wrong, I love seeing big robots smash themselves to pieces but sometimes it is nice to go back to basics with a good old fashioned gangster movie, when the criminals were the perfect showmen of their time. I was most impressed with the way the film was shot, very few landscape shots but the camera constantly in the face of the actors on the screen, making it very intimate and the action scenes raw real and bloody. Bale was good with yet another new accent to add to his CV. Depp though, stole the show as John Dillinger. Sure, some of the history is given the Hollywood treatment, but there is enough fact there for you to appreciate life as a bank robber in 1930s America. The gun battles are fierce and the action has a quick pace but do not expect the big explosions and slow motion shots, this is filmed as it should be – everything is kept simple. I really enjoyed the movie, it was nice to get back to basics, with the storyline driving the plot rather than big budget special effects. You know I love Hollywood and the big summer blockbusters but sometimes it is nice to turn the pace and enjoy a good old fashioned flick. It was nice to meet up with Clive but just the journey home so late on a school night was a bit of a pain but the reassuring thought, as I stumbled into my flat at nearly midnight was that I only had one more day of work left.

My next cinema trip was not that far away. I thought I would pack some things on Wednesday night but I was too tired and just jumped straight into bed when I got in. It was going to be a very busy day in the office and then busy few days back at home. I had a feeling my feet would not touch the ground for most of the weekend.

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