Thursday 27th December 2007

Hope you had a great Christmas. It is strange that with all the build up, it is in fact just another twenty four hours. A special twenty four, but a day nonetheless.

Even though I am surrounded by amazing pieces of technology. I will be the first to admit that I do not make the most of them. Yes, I am a gadget freak but I perhaps use only five percent of the functionality of any given device. This I intend to change. Let me firstly though, take you back. To my time in Year Seven at primary school. I sat right opposite my form teacher’s desk and she would always ask me the date (for some strange reason) and I had some photographic memory to give the date within an instant. Since then (that was 1993-4) I have always had a visual image of a calendar in my head and always planned in this way. I have never used diaries, personal calendars or any kind of PIM (personal information manager). Paper or electronic. I have never really had the need. All the import dates are in my head and anything crucial is noted down somewhere.

I have started the change and it is radical. Everything will be stored in Outlook 2003 and transferred to my N73. I have been a list person as long as I can remember and these will now move from the 3M Post It note to my smart phone also. In fact, anything time related will be transferred to my electronic calendar. I know to many this may seem like a lot of effort for a little return but my ultimate plan is to have my PC has the main information store and have multiple (or hopefully in the near future) a single device that syncs to have everything to carry around in my pocket. Well that is the plan, I will let you know how I get on.

How do I review 2007? Perhaps I should wait until next week? I have the time to reflect and although I gave a quick emotional outburst at the end of last month. Let me put it down to the fact that I was writing on a bad day. I will try and put together a review of some description to post on Sunday afternoon.

I miss KISS and only get to listen to the station when I am in my Mum’s car. (Thankfully that will change in the middle of next month!) I heard what appeared to be a duet between Chris Brown and Rihanna but it was not the Umbrella remix. So when I got back home I did some Google searches with little luck. I then headed over to the Total Kiss dot com web site and play list page. I did not find what I was looking for but stumbled upon another gem. I have been quite a big fan of Cassie (as usual not at the time she burst onto the music world but many months later) but she disappeared some time ago from the music scene, apart from an appearance in Kanye West’s Stronger video. I knew she was working on a second album as I had heard her song, Sometimes which was very good. A new song was listed on the Kiss play list and instead of downloading it straight away I headed over to YouTube to have a listen first. After about thirty seconds, there was no doubt I had to download the song and put it on my Zen. Like clockwork the track drops to perfectly reflect how I feel at this moment in time. Oh sorry, I nearly forgot to mention the title. Is It You?

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