Sunday 9th December 2007

After a tiring week, in and out of the office I had nothing major planned for this weekend. The ‘Lost’ Weekend if you will. On Saturday, I got up around 9.30am and after breakfast headed over to Reading in the heavy rain for a pre-arranged appointment. Then after a productive discussion, I headed over back to Wycombe. It was 11.50am as I was on the by-pass, just before the Marlow exit. I was tempted to head home and catch Football Focus but opted to go into town and get some jobs done. I parked, as I always do over in George Street and walked the short distance into the town centre, in the heavy rain. The walk way around Tesco was cut off and we had to walk underneath the ramp into the car park. Around the corner, the old bus station was under barriers, but they had been moved closer to the entrance of Tesco, so we had to make our way through a large puddle to make it into the Octagon. Here too, all change. The doors had been removed and the flooring covered. I went to Clinton Cards (as I do every year) to get my Christmas Cards. I then headed over to (formerly VShop, formerly Our Price) but could not find what I was looking for, so headed onto the High Street and into Woolworths. It was about 12.30pm, I headed home. In no real mood to stick around town, particularly with the dreadful weather and queues.

The rest of the weekend, I was lazy. Extremely lazy but I did spent a little time sorting out all my paperwork and doing some work for a client. Back in the mid 1990s, a friend of mine lent me a PC game. It was called the Journeyman Project and it was fantastic! You can read the full details about the game over on Wikipedia but a quick summary is as follows. The premise is time travel. You have to go back and stop ripples in time which could have a major effect on mankind. Like Back To The Future but rather than focus on the McFly family, the focus is the whole universe. It was not an easy game, and I needed a walkthrough to get through to much of the first part before I eventually gave up (and my friend wanted the CD back). Remember kids, these were the days before broadband internet access and CD-writers as standard. Something inside, is telling me I should get myself the game again and give it another crack.

I had seen the trailers for a television series with the same name (minus the ‘Project’) and it was only on Friday I thought I would download the first episode and give it ago. To begin with I was rather lost. Quite a lot going on but not much explanation, however I was persistent and towards the end really enjoyed the show. It is very clever, although not entirely original. It is a mixture of US sci-fi series Quantum Leap and UK Saturday night drama series Crime Traveller. I have the second episode on my machine now and will watch it after the Sports Personality Of The Year show on BBC One. Not sure if it is even worth putting on MOTD2 tonight!

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