Sunday 8th June 2003

The menu has been reformatted, from being applet based to being a rollover scripted. This is to make the menu load up quicker and also make sure that those grey boxes so closely associated with JavaScript applets do not appear. I think the rollover images are much more easier to work with.

Not much updated, I’m afraid, I’m busy working behind the scenes on the next version of this website, so that is taking up more of my time. However, the audio page has been updated with the latest details of my MP3 collection. Coming close to 2,400 songs now and growing on a weekly basis.

I found a great site, on my surfing around the web recently. The main purpose of the site, is to place your vote for the greatest albums of all time. However, there is a nifty little feature on Album Vote which allows you to enter in any date, and discover what records were number one, in the UK, the USA and Australia. Great stuff! I’ve going to find out what was Number One on my birthday.

I will try my best to update later this week, most likely after the England game on Wednesday night. Take care for now people.

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