Sunday 5th July 2009

I got to Bracknell Tyre and Battery around 8.15am, which was fifteen minutes before they were due to open. You can imagine my surprise to discover having to park the car on the edge of the car park area, there were four (if not more) cars ahead of me. My first question when I got served was I thought you guys open at 8.30am. The response was that there was always someone around from 8am and only at 8.30am they came on full stream with the all staff at the helm. It was going to be a forty five minute wait at least, as A3 was listed right at the bottom of the board. I headed over to the Acorn Cafe as recommended by other customers waiting to pick up their car. I got a nice cup of tea and some toast, while I watched Sky Sports News on the flat screen (which looked rather odd in a greasy spoon) and wrote the blog notes from Friday Night. The sun was shining and there were clear blue skies, it was going to be a perfect 4th July. It was going to be a while before my car was off the ground, so I went for a walk down the industrial estate, which did not go anywhere. I had my Coby MP3 player with me and listened to a mixture of my mp3s and Radio 1. There was a black Porsche 45 Turbo parked opposite the garage and I thought it looked estranged because it was just over a year old and looked like it had new tires already. I was later informed it was the owners car. I suppose if you are selling your services at the right price, the customers will come and pay and you can spend your profit on whatever you heart desires. It gleamed in the morning sunshine, so I had to take a few pictures.


I called Tazza to let him know what I was up to and what time I would be back in Newbury. He was doing some shopping before jumping on the train down, I had plenty of time. I left Bracknell at 10am and got back to Newbury around 10:40am, I had some breakfast, had a shower, got ready and jumped on the PC for a while. I had wanted to catch Friday’s episode of Eastenders but instead got distracted by Facebook, Twitter and various blogs. Tazza text to explain he was catching the 12:18 train, so I checked my timetable, it was coming in at 13:10, so I had an hour to sort myself out. I tidied the flat and got everything ready and then headed off to the library (to return the Linux book) before then making my way to the station. The train was a few minutes later and I caught Tazza heading for the exit, tapping him on the shoulder before he walked too far away. It was good to see him again, the first time in over two years. We walked back through town and back to my flat to drop off his bag before going back into town for some lunch. We ended up going to Pizza Express, which was good but a little busy. Over lunch we caught up on the past twenty eight odd months. They had been hectic for both of us. We popped over to the library to check out an internet web publishing book, before heading back to the flat. We watched television for a bit and I fell asleep (or at the very least closed my eyes for a few minutes before realising I was with a guest. It had been a busy weekend already). I got up, made a cup of tea and then we jumped on the computer for a while. Catching up on everything that I had been doing since we had last seen each other. We went on the computer and I showed Tazza various albums on FlickR and what I had been up to. We ended up going onto YouTube to look at a few video clips. He mentioned Lenny Henry’s version of Thriller called Thinner. It had me laughing out loud, just go check it out. Proof that Lenny Henry was very funny in the mid 1980s. Ironically Michael Jackson and Lenny Henry were born on the same day! We spent rest of the afternoon looking up various websites and I helped start work on Tazza’s website. Around 6.15pm we had to start making a move, the train was at 6.45pm. I walked Tazza back to the station, it was good to have seen him, even if only for a few hours. We arranged to meet up again in October. When I got back to the flat, it was time to sort a few things out before crashing out, it had been a long weekend already and I was tired. The priority was to get the blog updated and I knew it was going to take me into the small hours. I watched a the starting of Superman Returns on BBC3 and then Mumbai Calling on ITV1, before shutting myself away in the study to complete the blog. It was emotional but it had to be done. I had deadlines to meet. Sunday was a very good day, I got plenty done. I was down the gym first thing, completing my legs and abs work out before returning to the flat and getting all the domestic chores completed like washing clothes and cleaning the bathroom. The rest of the day was spent either on the computer or watching the Wimbledon Men’s Final. That was a long and tiring four and half hours of tennis, and I’m not a big fan. After the tennis I got some food and watch Top Gear before retiring once again to the study. I got a few more paragraphs written on the blog before watching Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I wanted some light hearted entertainment to cheer me up and bring the weekend to a relaxing close. However, as I have had a malfunction with my network homeplugs (they stopped working last Monday) I have had to move the router back into the study, the consequence of this is that the XBox is nolonger networked and can only play media installed on the drive (two music videos at the last count). The movie was forgetable with only a few very funny moments, where I laughed out loud. Having said that it was a good note to end the weekend on and I headed off to bed, in quite a good mood and looking forward to the week ahead.

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