Sunday 2nd December 2007

If I gave my blog entries titles and I do very occasionally (when there is a need) this one would be entitled “Change of Plan”. We always have a Christmas get together with my friends in early December. We had a dinner party on this weekend, last year. The original plan was to head over to Kev’s house and have some food (or more likely snacks) there before heading on into town. To be honest, by Saturday lunchtime I was not really in the mood to go but some persuading from Charlie on the phone and Pav on MSN made me get ready and rush out around 8pm. (Pav in fact quoted a line from my previous blog entry from Friday night). Plans changed quite quickly, so we went from meeting at 7.30pm at Kev’s to an hour later in town. Pav asked that I get to his around 8.30pm, as they were catching a taxi to Oakford Social Club then. I was a little late and also running out of fuel but then nothing new there. Charlie called to check I was actually still coming out as I drive up through Caversham Heights. I spoke to Annie, who had trekked in from Canterbury. I had to be out, as she had made a special journey to be in Reading tonight. We caught a taxi into town and just as we pulled up outside the pub, Annie, Charlie and Nige were in the queue. Phil, Sarah, Kev, Andy and Eddie were already inside. We waited for ten minutes in the cold before being allowed in. It was around 9.10pm, twenty minutes before we would have been charged an entry fee. After an hour or so in Oakford, we headed around the corner to Revolutions, where we were for most of the night. Then around 2am, we headed over to Bar Mango. It was a great night and we had some good laugh, particularly as there was such a big group of us out (in comparison to my birthday weekend, with only four of us!) Waiting for everyone to upload their photographs, a selection of the best from my N73 have been uploaded over at FlickR. My Dad got me a Doctor Who advent calendar this year. I did not want Simpsons again after having one in 2005. Unlike my sisters, I usually forget to open the door and eat the chocolate each day, so tend build them up and end up eating five or more in a row. (Perhaps that is worse for my health!)

Doctor Who Advent Calendar

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