Sunday 29th February 2004

Today is day that doesn’t exist for most of us. The significance of a year leap is beyond the approach for me to discuss. I rarely discuss the importance of days that have no significance for me personally. Afterall this day belongs to those, to those for it means something. The one day when a woman may propose to her man. Quaint, for I am sure there are many whom do this when the time is right, and not wait for day that doesn’t exist. Afterall why wait when the moment is right. Waiting sometimes is not the best thing to do. For the moment goes and you can never capture it again. I know. I know the pain that moment can bring. For more details on this mystical date, go to Diamond Geezer for some amazing facts.

As I dedicated my last entry to the misdemeanours of my resident OS operative, I have many things to mention in my blog. I have been up late, working on assignment and my project recent nights. Before going to sleep I would just put on the TV to see what was on to pass the time, before I drifted off to sleep. I have noticed that the commericial breaks on ITV are filled with not commericials, but public services messages. These range from driving, holiday information and the coastguard. A classic, is a spoof for a trance music album. With tracks called: “Spiked (Remix)” and “Out Of Control”. This is to warn young holiday makers of the pitfalls that can come to your wild holiday abroad. It’s part of the campaign called, Know Before You Go.

I have for long searched for other blogs by Asians. Particularly British Asians of student age, like myself. By chance, I was searching for photographs from the Asian Ball in Leicester and by some miracle stumbled upon a blog, in only it’s 24th day. Although to begin with I found the layout and style far too girly, I have grown to love, Something In Between. Maybe because of the honesty or the fact that the entries are so down to earth and intelligent. Impressive, for a blog that was only started this month. I’m sure it will show to be a worthwhile link. Does it a deserve a listing on my Blog Roll? I will wait for the author, Naz to get in touch.

My guestbook has finally gone live! So please check out the Guestbook to view entries and of course, add your own comments! I promise to get in touch with everyone that leaves an entry.

There was only one song I was listening to, four years ago. Funnily enough, it was number one. Sure nothing strange in that at all. It was number one during Tuesday 29th February 2000.

I’m moving, I’m coming
Can you hear what I hear?
It’s calling you my dear
Out of reach
(Take me to my beach)
I can hear it calling you
I’m coming, not drowning
Swimming closer to you

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