Sunday 22nd September 2002

Photos page has been updated as promised. There are a few new photographs added, expect more in the coming few weeks. I have scanned several new images, but need to select, edit and then compress the best ones for the website. As you can appreciate this is a task that can take some hours to accomplish.

With regards to other matters, not much else has been updated on the site. I have been busy working on my family website and other pages which I haven’t had time to update recently.

The weekend, looking back hasn’t gone too badly. I have been given the support of people, close to me and that has helped me perhaps get through the last few days. Now everything that can be done, has been done. To an extent, destiny takes over, I have to face the difficult process of waiting. It is strange, because you feel so helpless, knowing that there is nothing else that you can do. The power has been taken out of my hands, and placed into the hands of those whom have the strength to change my/our/their world.

I feel somewhat isolated. Knowing that there is 100 miles between us, it is not just a matter of measurable distance. There is much more than that, it is to an extend, two different worlds now. I live in my world, going day to day, trying not think of the other world but it is hard and no matter what I do, no matter what I say, our worlds continue to collide, if only in my thoughts, rather than anyone else’s. I sign off this weeks update in much a mixed mood… feeling optimistic that everything, given time will work itself out… but knowing all to well, that this weekend may have pushed me further away from my goal. Only time will tell…

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