Sunday 1st October 2006

I had a package that was attempted to be delivered by Royal Mail on Friday morning. I was not expecting anything but as the package was too big to fit through the letterbox, the postman (or woman) left a card and I had to go down to the sorting office in town to collect it. In fact my Dad went to collect it for me on yesterday morning. I had a hunch it was my Arsenal membership pack, although it was not due to be dispatched until sometime in October. So you can imagine my surprise when I get back home around 1am on Sunday morning to discover the following case in my room.

Membership Pack

I joined the englandfans supporters club back in August. I have never been to an England international and want to change this sad statistic as soon as possible. My aim is to try to catch some games in the qualifying campaign for Euro 2008 and then when I renew my membership, to transfer over to englandfans+ which will give me access to tickets at away and for tournaments, just in time for South Africa 2010. However that is in the far distant future. Right now there are more other important things to consider. Robin Hood starts next weekend, with the BBC marketing machine gearing up to full speed. Rather than the minor ten second slots in between the programmes, they have had started deploying a trailer a few weekends back, with a semi introduction by our folklore hero. I am looking forward to the series, although I am not sure whether it will be a big hit the BBC hope for. I have intentionally avoided the web sites and forums. I have no desire to find out what happens before seeing the actual show. What is the point of watching if you already know what is going to happen? Not one of my favourite characters, if you consider the Hollywood equivalent from across the water in blockbuster movies, but nevertheless watchable. Although it is difficult to take him seriously when I grew up watching, Maid Marian. I received the 1938 Adventures of Robin Hood on DVD for Christmas last year. Still not had time to watch it, although perhaps after next weekend, there will be a sudden need to re-capture my missed youth. The less said about the 1991 attempt the better.

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