Sunday 17th August 2008

Turned out to be quite a busy weekend in the end, even when I only had a few things planned. Caught the bus into town just before 9am, got my haircut, picked up a few things from the 99p store, then headed back home. Around 11am, I had to collect my sister from the train station. When we got back home, we did the Raksha Bandhan ceremony before settling down to the football. It was great to have the Premiership back and even better to have Arsenal’s first match, the early kick off against West Brom. Read the match report from ArseBlog. As the football came to an end, we had decided to go and get a pizza takeaway from Pizza Hut. My sister, Samantha placed the order and we were stuffing ourselves with pizza just minutes before the 100 meters final. How ironic, eating fast food, while watching athletics at the peak of physical perfection set a new Olympic World Record. My only question is, if Bolt had kept pushing himself right to the end, he would have smashed the record even further but who can blame him for celebrating as soon as he could see his competitors were out of sight! At 3.30pm, I called Ryan and made arrangements for the barbeque at his place. He was going to pick up Trev from Marlow and meet me in ASDA. They had to get food and drink before heading back to his. I agreed to meet at 16.35 and got their early. As I waited by the entrance, I realised that the store was a black spot for phone reception, so if Ryan or Trev were to call me it would go direct to voicemail. As it happened, they tried to call and had to leave a message. I had seen them and their friend James and Matt waiting outside with a trolley by then. We met up and headed to get some food and drink and then Ryan offered to pay for everything as he could use his generous (ten percent) ASDA discount. We then all squeezed into the Punto and headed back to Ryan’s. Before the barbeque, we were treated to some special videos. One which Ryan had spent, six hours editing the previous night. I was in stitches. However, I was actually looking forward to my own appearance from one of the first videos. I was informed by Mr. Buckle that the date of the trip to Chessington was 28th April 2000. I featured, with a very bad haircut, in the early segment filmed at my workplace (Shell Cressex) and then in Crennell’s red Ford Orion Panache. We had decided to head back to the car early and wait for the rest of the gang. Minute later you see a frustrated Daniel return and rip it out of everyone. My final act is to close the manual drivers side window and say to Ryan, “Your going to have a great journey home(!)”. So strange to see a movie that was over eight years old and from a time before I started working and before I had made a decision on which university to go to. After the film show by our resident Barry Norman, we headed out for the barbeque. Ryan tried but failed with the lighting the charcoal, so I offered to help. Although let Mr. B. take over the cooking duties. It was great to just chill out and catch up with my mates, particularly their friends James and Matt, whom were very entertaining. I could tell that James was butt of many of the jokes, but things had not changed. It did not take long for attacks to switch back to Trev. For a while it was just like being back at school or college. Around 9pm, I text my sister to come pick me up and left, I was tired and wanted to catch Match Of The Day back at home. It was good evening and I would see Ryan and Trev again in a few weeks time when we head down to Bournemouth. Got to the gym at 7:41 this morning and checked out exactly an hour later. It was very quiet and it was good to get the session out of the way early in the day. By the time I got home, I sorted out all my paperwork and did some shredding. Then after lunch, watched the start of The X Factor before switching over to Sky Sports 1 to watch the football. Then my sisters wanted to watch the Olympics, so I had to give in. At some point in the afternoon, I feel asleep and when I woke up, Chelsea were winning 3-0 against Portsmouth. After watching the 100 metres women’s final, I thought it would be good to put Batman Begins DVD on. I had been lent the disc by Clive and since watching The Dark Knight at the end of last night, had an urge to catch the first of the reboot series. My sister Samantha had not seen it and Natalie and I tried not to spoil it for her. It was good fun, I had forgotten how dark it was and how much of a great story there was. After the movie finished around 7.30pm, Natalie cooked up some nice fajitas and we watched an episode of The A-Team on Bravo(+1). Not a bad way to spend a Sunday evening. Then, a few minutes later my parents and youngest sister arrived from their weekend away in Blackpool. As I got out of the car on Friday night, I noticed a piece of paper in the cubby hole under the dash, where you would keep change. It was a receipt, but not one I recognised, not one of mine. It was three years old, from a time before I owned the car. I was really amazed it had survived that long, considering the amount of work I have had done to the car and garages it has been into. I know a little about my car history, it was registered initially in North West London but had a service in Preston and this receipt from an Esso filling station proves it spent some time up in the North West. I am the third owner and I know the last owner lives in Beaconsfield. Funny how a little old piece of paper can bring so much intrigue relating to a piece of metal. I am really into the song by the imaginatively titled, The Saturdays, “If This Is Love” which I have been playing almost non-stop in the car all week and watching the music video. Putting aside the crush on 19 year old Rochelle Wiseman. I really like the sound and the girls harmonies really do work together, I just would like to hear a range of music. Plus it is a shame they have not had much media exposure, apart from supporting Girls Aloud on tour. I will keep an eye out for them regularly. They have been mentioned on PopJustice a few times but as usual, I just skipped past the text onto the photos. Overall a great weekend without ever switching out of 2nd gear. Good times can be had without making too much of an effort and having to trek around the country or have mega plans for clubbing. In any case, the next two weekends are potentially very busy, so perhaps just what I needed, something low key.

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