Sunday 16th March 2008

Finally watched Knocked Up last night, it has been sitting on my hard drive since 22nd February with my last attempt to watch it a few weekends ago, when the file would not play. I tracked this down last night to a dodgy codec file, so I downloaded the latest version and away I went. It was good fun and many parts had me in fits of laughter. This was the un-rated version, so it was quite vulgar and offensive in places but overall well worth watching. I would highly recommend it. Right, I just need to get Super Bad off Pav as well now!

Typical British weather this weekend, as I just finished vacuuming the car and was putting the mats back in place, it started to rain – heavily. So I had no choice but to abandon all plans to wash the car hoping that today would bring a turn in the conditions. No such luck, constant rain all day. The wash will have to wait for Good Friday. Thanks to the rain, it will not be too dirty by then but it will be the last chance to wash before it is handed over Crystal Detail for a full spring detail.

I must admit my weekends have been quite boring, with nothing really going on. This will change next week, I promise. Not just because it is the Easter weekend (and four days off work) but I actually have things going on. There is some hardcore karaoke action in Leicester Square and I am really looking forward to it. Mainly because this will be my first chance for a sing-a-along since that 18th birthday party back in February 1999. Still trying to think of which song to sing, so any suggestions are greatly received. I want to go for a party number, something ultimately fun!

This is not all, there are quite a few big weekends coming up and most of you on FaceBook will be able to see some of the Events listed but there is also plenty more to look forward. Got confirmation of the next Audi Meet for Sunday 13th July. Sure quite a while away but something to look forward to in the summer, plus there is a show and shine competition and I may just go ahead and enter. There are other things planned, further afield but waiting for confirmation before I can post them on my blog!

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