Sunday 12th June 2005

Audio update, for the first time in six months. Rather depressing reading, unfortunately. Single collection has only grown by 100 songs over the past 6 months, equaling downloading one song every other day. My collection of albums has not really grown for over a year. I blame this purely on the closure of various BitTorrent sites which I use to use extensively. My collection overall is in quite bad shape and I need to undertake an extensive pruning when transferring over to the new PC next weekend.

People often tell me that I spend far too much on recordable media. At the time I bought my TDK Cyclone drive, in July 2002, I made a promise to only purchase and burn onto TDK discs. Certain sites over media as cheap as 20p, I have always paid around 50p for my discs. It is worth paying the extra for the quality and piece of mind, knowing that the disc will play in every player and last for years. I kept this promise over the past three years, ordering around 50 discs in bulk. I still have 20 CD-Rw discs lying on my desk but wanted to keep them for their sole purpose, which is to archive my MP3 album collection. So this afternoon, I rushed down to Staples to pick up an emergency supply of discs. Looking at the shelves I noticed to my surprise the number of DVD related media in relation to CD. The format has really picked up the pace in terms of consumer everyday use. CD based material was quickly going to be replaced by DVD as the preferred format of exchanging data. The reason I rushed out and made this purchase was to sort out my audio collection in the car. I had been creating discs at the drop of hat, without paying attention to quality and therefore always searching for something to listen to in the car. There are only a handful of new tracks that I listen to and the rest are a mixture of newly discovered songs from the 80s and 90s.

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