Saturday 9th November 2002

Another week disappears as a distant memory. It has been a good week, with none of the ups and downs, I’ve faced in the past. Less of a roller coaster, and more of a bus ride to the weekend. I knew my destination, it was just a matter of when my ‘stop’ would arrive. Another great week, achieved everything I hoped to achieve, and everything I expected to happen. No real surprises.

Yet again, a song can summarize to a beautiful melody how I feel. Driving home on Wednesday evening, on a dark night, with the rain coming down, making driving conditions extremely poor. As always, I’m listening to BBC Radio 1, and find a song new to my ears, that fills the airwaves of my car. The band’s sound is so familiar, and song takes my breath away. As the song played, my thoughts drifted away from the road and heavy traffic ahead. Friends, and family, both far away and close to home. How friendships come and go and it’s only those precious few that stay. Contemplating this, the track brought warmth to my heart as I drove deeper into the winter night.

Updating the site with a few more photographs and other little additions over the place. Continue to have a high visitor rating over the week. Over 1220 visitors now and increasing steadily. An important announcement is on my Audio page.

Take care. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend and enjoy the week ahead.

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot, the name of the song, “Holding On For You“, by Liberty X.

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