Saturday 2nd September 2006

My favourite month of the year lands and with it some exciting weekends. This weekend is just a warm up for next weekend, when I am reunited with my best friends Dave after a period of over three years apart. The last time I saw him in fact was at his wedding day. More discussion on that topic later in the week, let us remain mindful of the present. (Sorry for the Jedi phrases, I have just watch The Empire Strikes Back on Sky). Been quite busy this weekend, even if it feels somewhat empty with all the international football taking place. Had a busy Saturday planned prior to the weekend, but as usual it did not pan out exactly as I wanted. I got up and headed into town to get my haircut and pick up a few things. Wycombe, my home town is already changing. The old bus station has started to be demolished and a new station has opened opposite the building site of the new shopping centre. All this happened in the middle of August, but for obvious reasons I have been keeping a low profile. The new centre cannot open soon enough, it never really has been a place to provide a variety of choice in anything. When I got back home I jumped on the computer to watch Football Focus, as I try to do every Saturday lunchtime. However, during the course of the show I could feel a headache coming along and decided to rest on my bed while I watched the rest of the show. I fell asleep at exactly 1pm, when the show ended and did not get up for another couple of hours. What a waste of a Saturday afternoon, considering I had so much to get done. This is what usually happens to me on the weekend, when I have not got something to rush around for, I turn into a lazy bum. Then the early evening scheduled was filled with the England game, a quick trip to ASDA to pick up Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream and then Star Wars. By no means close to a perfect Saturday night in but I am sure it pushes all the right buttons for some geeks out there. Last night on BBC1, I watched the end of Air Force One. A film I saw at the local cinema, Wycombe 6 owned by UCI back then in 1997, with my school friends Daniel & Terry. I remember that Saturday afternoon very well and was impressed with the aging Mr. Ford in the leading role, he made a highly believable President. I have seen the movie, two if not three times now since the cinema release and I enjoy the ending every time. Maybe because when it comes to such patriotic action adventure movies, I become an idealist. Deep down, I like the idea of the good guy winning in the end, regardless of the circumstances. I suppose there is a hero in all of us, hoping for this happy heading. There is nothing wrong with a good old fashioned action movie with a good (but not brilliantly plausible) plot and big explosions, guns and acts of bravery. Want to go and see The Sentinel this weekend if I can but I am not sure when Pav is free, possibly late on Sunday night. Will text Pav a bit later. Saw a trailer for D.O.A. (Dead or Alive) this afternoon and will definitely be going to see that with Pav in a few weeks time. The plan for tomorrow is as follows, get up early, sort out the car and if dry give it a clean and polish inside. Then head over to Uxbridge for some shopping. Do not worry this will be a pit shop trip, no messing around as if I was shopping like (or with) a girl. Then head back to Wycombe around 12pm, for some quick food before changing and heading to North London for the Brazil versus Argentina game. That reminds me, I need to charge the batteries for my camera.

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