Saturday 26th October 2002

I must apologise for not updating the site during the week. A roller coaster of a week, I might add. Not really in the type of mood to describe my week. I must say that its been quite a tough week, one of the most toughest, since ‘that week’ in August. I don’t really want to go into details. Lets just say, that there are still challenges that I face, on many levels. I’m down, but not out for the count. A battle, which I thought I would never have to fight, caught me by surprise and I’ll do whatever I can, to make sure that the war is not lost. I know my goals, and it doesn’t matter what obstacles are placed in my path… I’ll find a way through… Two months and it will be Boxing Day. How time is flying by, the weeks just seem to go by so quickly. Yet, I feel trapped in the working week, and find that weekends just come and go with the blink of an eye. I suppose, we’ve got onto that train now, the next main stop is Christmas, with not many exciting stops before hand. 🙁 A highlight of my working day, is on my drive home, I am listening to Chris Moyles show on BBC Radio 1. At 5.30pm, Comedy Dave, plays his tedious link track. From mid August, they’ve been linking together various tracks and its highly entertaining. I know what your thinking, if this is a highlight, what are the lowlights of my day? Check out links page for a list of these, ‘tedious links’! Anyways, I have just got some new photographs developed this weekend. I’ll be updating them to the photos page, later in the week. A major update for my audio page. I’ll try and update some more later in the week. Any suggestions, for links, messages or photographs are greatly received, so just drop me an e-mail. I’ll see what I can do. I really need some help/advice on my Top Ten of anything. If you have any ideas, again please send me an e-mail, I’ll put your own personal top ten on my page! Take care for now. Hope you have a great week and try and get in touch.

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