Saturday 18th July 2009

This blog has become a very large burden. I think having a blog is fine, if you live a rather empty life, as you can then dedicate a great deal of time on it’s upkeep. However, when you are running around like me (more so this summer than ever before). It is difficult to find the time to sit down and blog, let alone remember exactly what you were doing, thinking and listening to a week, two, three or more ago. I will try and do my best. As you read this, I have already fallen some two weeks behind and it may be well into August before I truly catch up with myself. I will therefore keep the ‘catch up’ as brief but enlightening as possible.

Last week, was very busy with me spending only three of the five week nights actually in. While that not may seen many nights out (two on the bounce) to many of you out there, you have to appreciate that I keep my party time for the weekends. It is rare for me to leave the flat on a school night. On Monday I watched Michael Jackson – The Last Days on More4, as I had been busy on Sunday evening (12th) with the server install with MightyMouse, when it had been screened for the first time on Channel 4. (With hindsight it did not matter, as it was repeated regularly across the Channel 4 network for the week) Although I should have been updating the blog and Pav would regard it as a wasted hour. On Tuesday I had another night in, as usual but made very little progress with the blog or anything for that matter. On Wednesday evening I went over to see my friend Clive and help him with his website. On Thursday evening, I was catching up with old work colleagues in Maidenhead and Cookham. We went for a drink at Bolters Lock and a curry at the Cookham Tandoori. It was great to catch up with them, the last time I had seen them was in March. The last and only other time I had been to this restaurant was back on Wednesday 15th June 2005. (How do I remember the date so well? That evening, when I got back from the night out, I ordered my computer from Overclockers). Friday night, last night became the first night in and I needed the rest. It was good to have time to myself and I have major minor plans for the weekend (if that oxymoron even makes sense to you). I made a list and actually plan to get most of it completed.

The weekend though it empty, there is a big whole were Saturday night should be. I should be back in Wycombe at the this precise moment, planning my outfit and bouncing off the walls. I would then head into Central London in the early afternoon in preparation for the concert at the O2. Okay, I understand it was not to be, but hearing all about the production, The Dome Project and the puppets as zombies for Thriller, that were planned. I think the director, Kenny summed it up, in an interview when he said, “We are having a blast!”. It would have been the greatest show on earth, I have no doubt. Once again, I am left with the music and the thoughts of what could have been and tears that I will never be able to ‘undo’ my biggest regret and that will live with me forever.

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