Saturday 14th September 2002

I must first apologize, for the long delay in not updating my website. There have been times when I haven’t updated the site, for perhaps a weekend, due to my schedule being so hectic. Three weeks, is extremely poor. I am sorry, but this mainly due to other commitments in my life having to take priority. I will, I guarantee to update my site every week.

Well September started off with some optimism. Things have been going well, but as usual, things have fallen through. I find myself at a crossroad in my life. I can continue to pursue, a course of action, which will result in nothing, no matter how much effort I invest. The other path, I could follow, takes me to new places, new people, and new circumstances. As hard as this has been, you will have to believe me when I say, that I have decided to draw a line underneath the events of the last four or five weeks. This is not completely slamming the door shut and bolting it. I have decided that the best course of action, is to go with the flow. Let people make their own decisions, regardless of what I feel. To stop placing my agenda onto people and let things run their course. Should I ever find myself wanted again, I will consider carefully, whether or not it would be wise to return.

Other things in my life have been going very well. My placement is going well, I start my 12th week tomorrow, so I have nearly been there 3 months. The time has flown by. I have been attending the gym regularly and I am been gaining weight and strength, slowly. I feel much more healthier than I did in January this year. Arsenal have made a so so start to the season. It feels great to hear them regarded, as the “Champions”, during televised games. I feel they have so much to live up to that they may not bring us all the success we feel they can. But some of the games, I have seen this season so far, have been highly exciting. Plus, the England friendly with Portugal was quite exciting, with so many new faces and new reputations to create. I am really looking forward to the Euro 2004, qualifying campaign. I hope Eriksson, will be far more adventurous when we play some of the weaker teams in our group, especially when at home.

With regards, to the site, I have not had the opportunity to update it recently. I will be trying to get some updates, done during the course of the week, as I am not that busy. Please let me know if there is anything you feel this site is missing, or if there is something that you would like to add. I look forward to hearing from you.

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