Saturday 14th May 2005

Are you superstitious? I was more inclined to believe in such things when I was younger. These days however, I tend to be of the mind, that there are those of us who create our own luck. Friday 13th, has never turned out to be a day of misfortune, so I approach it very much as any other. No one will know how to pronounce it, but there is actually a word to describe the fear of Friday 13th. God help those people suffering from that condition.

Always on the look out for new blogs to read, but perhaps I should pay more attention to the blogs I currently list as favourites. If I am honest, I have not found many blogs that I have read and instantly wanted to bookmark. Some, you read and enjoy a few recent entries, but there is not that magic that compels you to come back for more. Nazma’s blog is refreshing to read and sometimes I am guilty of not spending enough time reading past entries. Her writing style is intelligent, entertaining and always dramatic. So much goes on in her life, it difficult to keep up with events. At times it develops into sheer poetry and raises a smile. Well done on the end of your exams. Just the long holiday that lies ahead of you now.p

With the final match day of the Premiership tomorrow, I thought I would look back to August. Seems like years ago, back then my life was so different. Work overshadowed everything, so the weekends became a major solace for me. An escape from reality. I remember sitting down and watching Soccer Saturday on Sky Sports, for the first game of the season. Arsenal played Everton on the following day, which I remember just as if it was last weekend. We had a record to protect and extend and I was glad when we made the perfect start. Thankfully, August is not too far away. In between we have the big speculations, comings and goings plus the major turmoil over at Old Trafford. Should make for an interesting pre-season.

Dr. Who tonight was fantastic. Mainly because they traveled back to the 1980s. Something I have longed to do for several years. Sure, it is a hopeless, meaningless dream. Rose finally began to understand the implications of changing her past, only to make things worse, rather than better. My desire to back to the decade of my birth, is not to save a life or even make any changes. I plan to just live a selfish dream. Relive the artificial highs and take in the sounds and visions first hand, rather than through nostalgic eyes, as I have to at the moment. Back to reality, I have been very impressed with the return of the sci-fi screens to the BBC. They should be congratulated on pulling this out of the bag, particularly as every episode has improved over the weeks. Next week, a return to war town London, looks magnificent. Never before have I seen a television series which have improved in quality, with every passing episode. Bring on next Saturday 7pm.

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