Monday 27th June 2005

The last Monday of June already? Can you believe it? Can you believe that a year ago, I was starting my second week at one of the biggest law firms in the world? There was several times last year, when I made that trek to the capital, when I thought to myself, where would I be a year from now. Now that I am at much better place, I appear forever ungrateful and tend not to look back at where I was once. While I miss the sights and sounds of London, there is much that of the rat race, I detest.

Stateside, a major victory for the corporations against the peer2peer software developers, puts the whole notion of file sharing on hold. Not sure what you opinion would be on this, but I have now grown up being able to ‘obtain’ almost any song almost instantly and have it playing in my car the following working day. While certain individuals may feel this is not how consumers should be experiencing music, they have been slow to embrace the new medium. I still not understand how they can compete with free. We shall see what happens? For the moment, I am safe, or so I believe.

I listened to my portable DAB radio for the first time in several months last night. I could not sleep and wanted to listen to some music, rather than the nightly Five Live. I surfed around, on the electronic dial and listened into 1Extra. They were playing some soca music, which I actually quite enjoy and the song that was playing took me by surprise. A feel good, summer anthem that you could enjoy in the car. Thankfully, with digital you get much more than simple stereo audio. On the screen, appeared those magnificent words, “Now Playing” and I was able to take a mental note of the song title and artist. Yet, by the time I got to work I had completely forgotten and had to consult the BBC web site. To my surprise, tonight I discover that this song could be, by Hollywood. Indeed the camp star of Mannequin (one of my Dad’s all time favourite movies) actually has quite a good voice too. I am still hunting for the track, having only been able to listen to thirty second snippets on various US based web sites. If you anyone has D Soca Zone 5th Spin, released last year, I would be utmost grateful, if you got in touch. Oh yeah, almost forgot, the name of the song is, “Shut Up”. Need I say anymore?

Two weeks have passed since that day and I feel only now the burden of that day falling from my shoulders. Nearly a month you were out of contact. Too long for some. I watched the news reports, I gazed in the distance, the news footage outside the court house, holding my torch for you. Yet, on your return you are catching up, which by all means is understandable. Looking back, the verdict had more about proving a man innocent, than proving my feelings true. Seeing it now, I feel such a fool. Hanging on your every word, be it by SMS, MSN or on the phone. I do not doubt that your heart is true. For my own intentions were never far from your own. I deserve more in return for my efforts. Yet then again, I was always trying to live in the shadows. Trying to try Living with Michael Jackson. There was never any competition, I was doomed from the start. Perhaps the unexpected comeback will bring it not, these romantic news bites, but new ground breaking, record breaking material, to show the world, including those doubters, you are made of sterner stuff. Just a shame I suppose, that your love was never able dry my tears.

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