Monday 27th February 2006

Was hoping to update the blog last night, after I got in from Reading, but an acute headache forced me to bed early. I was out for the count by at least 9.30pm. On the downside, a rather forgettable evening, but on the upside, I woke up this morning, feeling fresh and able to face the challenges of the day. It was after dinner that I felt a pain behind my eyes and knew it would become unbearable within twenty to thirty minutes. Going to bed was the best option, even though I wanted to stay online, chat to my friends on MSN and update my web site. Let me pick up the story from where I left off. Finally got the desktop machine repaired for my colleague this evening, Windows and Office installed and a backup DVD saved with all their life critical information. A job well done, if somewhat over schedule.

Sunday, I usually have things to do, odd bits and pieces, but rarely have a lie in. Yesterday I made up for it by getting up at way past midday, even ignoring two phone calls from my Mum to the land line, I just did not have the energy to get up and answer the phone. By the time I did get out of my pit, there were so many jobs to do, I just didn’t think I could squeeze them all in before the kick off in the Cup Final. Then I had Chris text me to ask if I could come over early, as he had no friends (that will be quoted in years to come) and wanted to watch the game with me. There wasn’t a chance I could get there much earlier than I had originally planned, but I left for Henley around 3.30pm. Rooney had scored by the time I pulled outside his house, on the sunny but cold afternoon. Heading over to Reading, to a completely different route than I am used to, we arrived at the Oracle in time to catch the teams awarded their medals. There was a spilt second when the lights went out at the Millennium Stadium, Chris gave a big sneer at the television screen, only to have to eat his words for the there was a big spot light on the centre circle as Sir Alex and his team were awarded their winners medals, and Wayne his MOM (Man Of The Match). As usual, there was an incident at the ticket collection point. The machine ate my card. I have been going to this Warner Village cinema for something stupid like seven years and this was the first time my card was chewed up. Eventually a member of staff appeared and my card was retrieved, tickets collected and we rushed to get some food before taking our seats. This was another first for me, for the first time I would be going stairs where screens 8 to 10 are located. Crazy how in the past two and half thousand days, I had always seen movies in screens one to seven and no where else. Spooky. After the messing about outside, we eventually took our seats, four rows from the front, in the smallest screen in the whole multiplex. The rest of the seats were taken and the screen was around half full. My biggest disappointment was the fact that due to our untimely delay outside, we had missed the Pearl &amp Dean music. Even after I had said to Chris that Asteroid by Pete Moore was the most important aspect of the cinema going experience, after the main feature. In any case, the movie started, after a few adds and just before the credits rolled, Chris had to head straight out to deal with a personal problem.

In all honesty it was the trailers on television from last week, that forced me to go to the cinema. If I had waited for the DVD, or even premiere on Sky Movies, I may not have got around to watching the action adventure. Action is perhaps the wrong genre to place Æeon Flux, it is more a science-fiction journey. For someone completely new to the character and future world, I was very impressed. Unfortunately I was too young to see the original animated series air on MTV. I personally had great doubts of Charlie Theron has an action hero, although have only really scene her in The Italian Job, which perhaps does not do her acting skills any justice. The movie kicks off at great pace and there are quite a few things going on, so if you blink you could miss something. Totalitarian views of the future, are not new, but it really depends on how they are executed. Personally I am intrigued by the unique views on a system of government, where a chosen few make the decisions for the rest of the population. With a small band of rebels fighting for the course of the obedient. Although the ending left far too much to be desired, the overall film was very good. I can understand why big fans of the series on television may have felt a bit let down. There are more questions than answers, given, and perhaps only one fantastic fight scene in the finale. The supporting cast do nothing but walk their roles and while Charlize does a fantastic job of carrying the film, the lack of substance in any subplots, leaves you wishing that this could have been so much better. In many ways it reminds me of The Shadow, released some twelve years ago, with only the most fanatical of fan follow, yet it too ended up being a disappointment for the audience could not relate the the title superhero. If you want to be entertained for an hour (and a bit), with both a good storyline and some great, but not breathtaking action scenes, go and see this movie. If not, wait for it to come out DVD, it will be worth watching once, and then again, so you can enjoy some of the elaborate set pieces. It was good fun, with an after thought.

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