Monday 17th May 2004

I have never truly understood the very British obsession with the weather. Something that I have now come to live with. When there is nothing else to talk about, we discuss the weather. We meet complete stranger, and after the dignitaries of asking how they are, we exclaim that, rained cats and dogs two days ago. Why? Is this the only truly common ground we have with our fellow man (or woman?) Or is this due to our reserved nature, which means of all the topics to discuss, the weather appears to keeps us most at ease? This particularly discussion point will continue for some time. However, this morning, as I was getting ready to head over to the sports hall for my exam, the rays of the sun shone brightly for me. Through the half arch window, the gold light glistens and I had to carry out my honorable duty. It takes only Prince & The New Power Generation to remind us that, “not all that glitters is Gold.”

The England team was named this afternoon. I can feel it. I can feel that special warm glow. Euro 2004 is only six weeks away. I always enjoy the build up to international tournaments. Glad that on this occasions, I will be able to watch ever single game from the comfort of back home. Two years, I had to endure the World Cup matches on my limited Panasonic TV Video Combi. Plus I missed the opening England game, as I was working and had to cope with BBC Radio Five Live commentary. Little did I know then, but I was planting the seeds of this blog. There was somewhere to go, but I had started giving a limited insight into my life.

Two down, one to go. Glad that the two toughest exams are out of the way. I feel like a marathon runner, who has just taken that last corner, in the distance, I can see those cheering crowds, urging me on. A final burst of energy, to those tired legs. The sweat pours down my face, as I try to pump as much air into my lungs. Now that the finishing line is in sight, can I really stumble and fall?

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