Made In England

I’m back, I landed at Heathrow at 10:40am this morning, nearly an hour before I was scheduled to on my Air India Flight 187 from Amritsar. I had an amazing two weeks (twelve days) but am glad to be back home. The feeling I had when I made my way out of the plane (rushing past slow dawdlers ahead of me) to Passport Control and then the baggage carrousel, can only be felt when I know I am back in England. A quick summary of my movements for the past thirty six hours:
  • Friday 23rd January 2010 – 6:35pm (IST) – Wagah Border – Watching the B.S.F. complete the daily “Lowering Of The Flags” ceremony
  • Saturday 24th July 2010 – 6:35am (IST) – Amritsar Airport – On board flight AI187, a Boeing 777-300, taxing towards the runway
  • Saturday 24th July 2010 – 6:35pm (BST) – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire – Uploading photos onto my computer from my epic trip!
I will try my best to put together a blog post for every day of my trip and put all the photographs (over 700!) onto FlickR. Right now though, I really need to get some sleep! I had about ninety minutes sleep last night (or should I say this morning).


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