Late To The Party

For various reasons, we decided to not publicize Michelle’s pregnancy. These are private moments we wanted to keep to ourselves. In this modern world of oversharing, over-analysis and endless opinions, we felt some reassurance in the power of silence.

I became a proud father to Logan Tegala thirteen minutes past midnight on Wednesday 17th October at Frimley Park Hospital across the county border in Surrey (technically Surrey Heath). No matter what parents (new or old) tell you, your individual experience will be unique and no amount of antenatal classes/literature/YouTube videos (even One Born Every Minute episodes) can prepare you for this life-changing milestone. The moment in time when our family became whole.

The true credit goes (as you would expect) to my dear and long-suffering wife who did the hard work over a 24-hour period. In the end, after nine months, all the challenges and obstacles paled into mere insignificance when we placed our eyes on our beautiful boy and finally held our bundle of joy; minutes later. What does the future hold? Only God knows. However, before I break some blog limits on cliché usage, I thought it would be good to reflect on these early days of fatherhood.

For sure – the first few weeks have been relentless but we have been lucky to have great support from family. The rewarding moments, the smile, the warm look in his eyes, his ultra-soft hands grabbing tight to my finger or thumb. I call one particular look ‘hero worship’ when Logan looks up to me in a state of utter awe, perhaps knowing he needs me to survive these early stages of his time on Planet Earth. What an awesome and bright future he has got to look forward to. I am looking forward to being there for as long as humanly possible.

Berkshire Newborn Baby Photographer

[Image courtesy of Anna Hurst Photography]

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