Going Against Type

The second half of Suits season seven resumed last week and in the episode screened Stateside on Wednesday 4th April, we had more of the what makes the legal drama compulsive viewing. Now, this is my fifth post on the USA network smash hit show and before people accusing me of jumping on the bandwagon from the moment, Meghan started dating Prince Harry of Wales. Let me remind you that I started watching the show over six years ago. Unfortunately, over that period my dear wife who was once also a keen fan of the show has given up. As with each season, the tendency has been to move further away from the realms of reality. Somewhat I have to agree, there is no way a mere secretary (even if senior and with long tenure) would jump multiple bands up to Chief Operating Officer. The main motivation to watch this last season is to discover how the writers will complete the long goodbye to Mike Ross and Rachel Zane. Personally, without Ross, the show instantly loses its appeal and there is no way back. You can bring in B-list Hollywood actress but you break the bond which made the show unique and the reality is we care more for Spector (even at times Litt) than Ross. Watching the show into the early hours this evening, it managed to capture some of the magic from seasons past. Never a fan of the ‘flashback’ episodes, in this particular episode it actually helped add colour to the story which could not have been done with any justice otherways. It was good to see the character traits do not change over thirty-two years, even if time is not as kind to our physical appearance as we would like.

Louis Marlowe Litt

Why have I stuck it out this long? Well, it all boils down to working (at the time the biggest law firms on the planet) so having a front row seat but without the corporate context. Afterall, I was just the IT guy handing out brand new laptops and Blackberries. It was fun to be working so closely with people in such a cutthroat environment. Although there have been dramatic incidents long since I had departed to pastures new.

I am sure there are many new fans of the show since one of the stars decided to marry into the Royal Family, particularly this side of the pond. I am grateful I have watched from the beginning and not binge watched via Netflix. Sometimes, there is a beauty in waiting each week for a new episode to come around. Perhaps during season two, peak Suits, when I would watch anticipating the next 44 odd minutes eagerly and at times impatiently.

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