Friday 9th November 2007

It is with great sadness that I have to mention that Pav’s Rover 216 SLi suffered a ghastly death on the westbound section of the M4 just past junction six on Tuesday night. I only got the news on MSN on Wednesday afternoon. I knew something was up, when Pav did not appear on MSN in the morning. When he eventually did materialize, he sent me three photographs taken by his N73.

Rover 214

The car was a legend! I had driven it as recently as mid May. It was an experience I will never forget. Thankfully, Pav was okay (just a few minor cuts and bruises). He had parked up on the hard shoulder as the car was playing up and then been hit from behind by a BMW. Luckily the crash barrier was there to stop him (along with the car) falling over the edge.Pav picked up his courtesy car yesterday morning and sent me an e-mail as soon as he got into work.

You Got Enough Road

That brings me nicely onto my next topic. When I moved to Leicester in September 2000, I spent many days (and many more nights) in the city centre. Whenever I walked past the clock tower in the city centre, I would shout the immortal line from the Back To The Future movie, “Save The Clock Tower”. In a strange twist of fate, looks like I had foreseen the future, just seven years early. I noticed a group on Facebook, which one of my uni mates had joined. While the rest of the UK get their teeth into the first series of Heroes, I have been catching the second series. I think we have reached a major climax in season one, where as season two is just getting started. It has been excellent and this week’s episode was great, revealing some wonderful intriguing twists to come. The amount of mystery in the show, keeps you hooked. It is like the writers have a tap running at a light drip, you are thirsty and just want to drink more! It is mixed blessing not to have all the episodes on DVD to just watch the next episode but sometimes I am impatient and cannot wait another week. I feel for the characters more and do not want anything to happen to them, particularly my favourites, Hiro and Mohinder. After a rock and roll weekend (including week off before hand), this weekend is very much a time for rest. Nothing planned whatsoever really. I am out for a curry with some work colleagues in Maidenhead tonight but apart from that, the order of the day will be sleep. I think the next weekend to come will follow a similar pattern. There is a minor event to look forward to but it could be completely pointless.

England versus Croatia

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