Friday 9th March 2007

A disappointing week. You will know the reason and I will not spend any time going into the reasons why. They can be explored in depth over here, there and even over here. I am trying to find positive things to mention, noteworthy enough to make an appearance on my blog. It is not been an easy task so far.

Last weekend, I heard a new song played on Kiss. It was, if I may be so bold, a signature smooth RnB track. “How Do I Breathe” by Mario (please use my full name) Barrett. The male DJ was talking about going to see Freedom Writers at the cinema and giving away some free tickets. The instant the song started and the first words are sung of the vocals, I knew it was an instant hit for me. (You can see what I have been listening to recently directly on my audio page without having to head over to Last FM.)

Piano lessons are going well, I am up coming up to my 6th lesson this Sunday. I am enjoying the process and slowly but surely improving. Although I feel any dreams I had of playing my own tunes, will have to wait for now. Well at least until I am much more composed and self assure of my ability. I will decide the next step after lesson number ten, but that is some way off.

Not sure about you, but March has always been a busy month for me, with two of my sisters having birthdays, Mother’s Day and a few friend’s birthdays sprinkled on top for good measure. All theses things quickly add up to make it an expensive four weeks. Nice to slowly settle into 2007 and with the weather getting better, my thoughts will soon begin to turn to summer and the possibility of a holiday maybe. It is a strange time of the year, in the sense that the nights are drawing in later, with sunset almost the other side of 6pm. The thought of spring is in the air.

At least the weekend is here and an opportunity for a rest. Rather low-key compared to recent weeks and months. A quiet Saturday at home, carrying out domestic duties like cleaning my room. In the evening, I have a few options. Could go to Kingsbury for a birthday party at the Tonky Gorilla or go to a housewarming party in Caversham. Decision, decisions. Sunday I will try and wash the car and then a piano lesson in the afternoon as mentioned previously. I also want to spend some time working on some web sites for ASWD.

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