Friday 6th March 2009

It is coming up to 9.30pm, as I begin typing this post. It is late into a Friday evening and many of you will be out on the town or getting ready to head out of the door. I, however am quite happy to be at home. Yes, I am back in Wycombe. It is my sister’s Natalie’s 25th birthday today. However that is not the only cause for celebration she passed her driving test this morning! It is nice to be home and it has been a very busy tiring week as usual but today a day which has drained me emotionally. I heard the news, or rather read the news flash up on the BBC ticker on Tuesday. A few minutes later at 17:48, Kish called me. He was the first person I was going to call once I had read the BBC News article. He of course, along with many other diehard fans was heading to the hotel the following day (Wednesday) and then going to get down early for the press conference on Thursday. Unfortunately I would never have been able to take the time off at such short notice. Perhaps one of the few disadvantages of the corporate world. I asked my friend to take photos and I would do a big update to his website in the coming week or so. I have been waiting for this moment all my life. It has been one of my biggest regrets not to have seen Michael perform live. I should have gone during the HIStory tour but at that time concerts were quite alien to me. Plus I did not have the friend connections I have now. Well if you consider it, it took me almost a decade after MJ’s last tours to get around to going to my first concert. Well I am looking forward to it, it will make 2009 a year to remember before it has even truly begun. Some doubt whether the King Of Pop has still got the energy to perform ten dates at a venue that will sell out in minutes. It was on Thursday as I got into the gym and onto the bike for the first part of my cardio programme that I saw Michael live on BBC News. I rushed to plug my ear phones into the socket, but yes, you have guessed it the sound did not work. So, I had to make do with Beat It on my Coby MP3 player, well there was nothing else I could listen to, could I? Does this look familiar?

Well what would I do? I would be pulling my hair out and smashing up any article in the room (apart from the computer!). For a dose of a funny chicken every weekday, just bookmark Savage Chickens. I try and read The Celebrity Network every few days, as you might know. Two new Keri Hilson songs have leaked onto YouTube. The most recent is a classic already. It is not just the inclusion of both Neyo and Kanye West but from the opening words to the closing chorus, Keri baby just carries the song off like a truly powerful singer. I am really looking forward to her album, “In A Perfect World” dropping at the end of this month and hope it is not another false dawn.

Sunset over Newbury Racecourse

What have I got planned for the weekend? Well weather permitting I will wash the car and then go into town for a bit. I also need to pop over to Dave’s house to sort out his computer problems. He has been bugging me via text message this week and wanted me to come over several weeks ago. Hopefully I can get him sorted. Off for my first piano lesson of 2009 on Sunday lunchtime. My last lesson was way back on Sunday 14th December. then back to Newbury. I want to get straight down to the gym then if there is time and it is still light, a quick run (aiming for around three miles), before getting all those odd jobs done around the flat in the evening. Then the circle starts all over again of a busy week in the office. So You Gotta Take The Good With The Bad, The Happy And The Sad Or Will You Bring The Better Future Than I Had In The Past Cause I Don’t Want To Make The Same Mistakes I Did I Don’t Wanna Fall Back On My Face Again

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