Friday 6th June 2008

It has been exactly a year since I switched over to Sky broadband and can report, with a beaming smile that I have had no problems whatsoever. They moved to Google as their mail provider a while back but I just purchased my own SMTP gateway service to get around this and have never looked back. I think I was wise to wait a few months and actually move across from Orange nearly six months after the service launched, as many people had teething problems as the rollout began. Before I continue, let me qualify my situation. I am not a fan of Big Brother. I watched the first series loosely but paid more attention nine years ago than I have ever done before. However, this does not stop me watched the odd part here and there from the highlight show. It is unavoidable with both my sisters hooked on the show and watching live feeds on E4 in the lounge. In recent years I have only watched the first night to see the latest batch of freaks and celebrity wannabe’s enter the house. I did so, last night more on behalf of my friend Savita, whom was on the other side watching (or rather drooling over) Peter Petrelli on Heroes, so I gave a running commentary on MSN. I also read the live blog over on the fantastic Organ Grinder by The Guardian.

DarnellBiff Tannen

As soon as I saw contestant number fourteen, I could see the resemblance with one of the movie world’s greatest bully’s. I did some Google searches but could not find a great photograph. However I have found the best I could and have uploaded to my FlickR. Judge for yourselves, but there is a close match. However will the producers of the Channel Four show pick up on this and use it to their advantage? Time will tell! The weekend is here and I am actually looking forward to what I have in store. There is the return journey to Tooting to collect my car on Saturday morning. Then once I get home on Saturday afternoon, hopefully the sun is still shining so I can get the car washed and waxed. Then I will be glued to the opening match of Euro 2008 on the Beeb. I have been handed Switzerland in the Euro Sweepstake at work, so will have to be supporting the home nation. Then there is Doctor Who and the second match in the evening. Then I think I may watch Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. Sunday is very busy, gym first thing and then a trip over to Bexleyheath for some computer fixing before a little walk around Lakeside (I have never been before). A packed weekend you will agree but not too bad and then a very busy week at work when I take off Monday morning and do not land home until Thursday evening. I hope you have a great weekend whatever you get up to, I will try and keep you all posted with the latest with status changes on Facebook and Twitter.

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