Friday 28th September 2007

Today, I forefilled one of my dreams. For sure, a dream perhaps on the third or fourth tier but nevertheless a dream. I drove past the ‘office’ as featured in the opening credits of The Office. As I a big fan of the series, I have often wondered where the site of the external shots of the Slough Trading Estate were from, but it was not until now, some four years since the final Christmas episode was screened that I found out. I had to visit a client around the corner and saw the office block, just as it appears on television, it was a surreal moment.

Now for a bit of girl on girl action. The reason I watch Hollyoaks, is not for the gritty storyline of revenge against Claire Devine. It is for the comic book moments, many of which I am recording and uploaded to YouTube. Jessica Harris, the snobish student down on her luck, played so well by Jennifer Bidall. I will stop boring you and let you just enjoy the clip. Someone obviously has a lot of fun scripting this show, just a shame it will never grow up to fill the boots of Brookside. If you pay close enough addition to the names of sum of the writers that appear at the opening, they appear made up.

My sister gets back from Uni on Sunday. My Dad and youngest sister are going to Sheffield to collect her. It will be the first time since Sunday 17th September 2000 (the day Paula Yates passed on), that everyone is back home. That was the day before I headed to Leicester to start my degree. Since then, both my sisters have been also and one has also completed a Masters. Time flies. It will be very strange experience to find everyone back at home again.

I met Murtaza at my first MJ event back on Sunday 2nd October 2005. We then exchanged the occassional message on MJ News Online. It was only when I found the video to Michael Jackson by The Mitchell Brothers that I realised he was on his way to stardom. He is nolonger on the discussion board, he may have been banned but I cannot be sure. He has a MySpace page. I dropped him a text after seeing the video and he sent me a reply towards the end of August, I just forgot to mention it before. He explained he had in the past week been working on with the Sugababes on their video, playing the role of a chef. That video, would be About You Now. It would not be until I had seen the music video at least a dozen times that I noticed it was him (it is a brief cameo appearance, blink and you too will miss it!)

Downloaded Bionic Woman this evening from uTorrent. I am off to go and watch Michelle Ryan go from Eastend London, to Hollywood TV superstar. Do you not, just love the digital age we live in?

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