Friday 27th August 2004

For all those days, when I have nothing to really write about and end up waffling about almost nothing. This is the entry, which brings together the culmination of a hard working week, the reward of a bank holiday weekend, and the realisation, that I’m slowly learning, “life is more than just okay!”. Life always appears to stabilize for me around this time of year. As I have mentioned previously, Super September is always special. Why is difficult to explain, I suppose as we make the transition from the summer to the autumn, with the mild weather, darker nights (& mornings) and the realisation winter is not too far away. There is also the reassuring smile on my face, as I watch the children going back to school. Although in their shoes, many years ago, I feel a warmth in my heart, knowing those days are long gone. Have you been living your dream, recently? Perhaps this summer? For me, I have to confess, feel I am touching more and more of my dream, with every passing working week. This may seem like a really strange thing to say. Yet, all the things I have ever wanted to do, I have achieved within the past few months. Since as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work in the City. Although Greater London does appeal to me, there is still some distance for the true buzz of the city life. Everything appears to have fallen in place. This is not the first time, and I am sure it won’t be the last. Yet, I still find myself pinching myself on how lucky I have been. Maybe luck has nothing to do with it. Choice and the decisions of these choices have had a bearing on all the outcomes to date, and will continue in the future. I have made decisions and other have made subsequent decisions, yet we have found ourselves in the same boat. Everything happens for a reason. I have learnt that over the past few years. So perhaps I should enjoy the quiet moments of happiness, and spend less time reflecting on more of the sadness. The times pass and the future brings a brighter tomorrow. The dream I have been living, has been tinted throughout with an American influence. This may not be the best time to mention my admiration and love for America and it’s people. Why should I shy away from my true feelings? It may be a dream. But then this dream appears to be becoming more and more a reality, with every step I take. Not a major step, but small steps to at least attempt to live the consumer ideals which our cousins across the pond have been experiencing for years. Do you like doughnuts? Back in the mid 1990s, every Saturday, my sisters and I would delve into a nice chocolate doughnut with cream filling. Those were the days, waiting patiently in line at the market stall in town waiting for the cheerful trader to bag our doughnuts. Then, itching to get back home and enjoy them. Since those memorable days, I have never really eaten them. Then came, the KK revolution. I only discovered the company Krispy Kreme while watching a Money Programme special, last year on BBC Two. Little did I know then, but a few months down the line, my craving for doughnuts would return. The flagship store in the UK was to be in a little know, foreign owned corner shop in Knightsbridge, London. Highly impractical, for an office worker, needed to start the day off in the most unhealthy way possible. Although perhaps the trip down to Knightsbridge on the Piccadilly Line. There had to be another option. I was getting used to the fact that everywhere I look now, there is always a failsafe. Looking across the web, with the help of Google. I found some promise on the other side of the river, as you head East. Having already taken a trip there, a few weeks earlier, I should have found the store, then rather than waiting now. But this was not to bother me. So I headed to the metropolis, that is Canary Wharf and the Docklands. Again, the hints of the American dream, came through, as I feel the towering shadows of the great skyscrapers bearing upon as I leave the tube station to walk around the complex. There was no real, need to do this, but I after being on the Tubefor a while, I wanted some fresh air. I then turned back on myself to head back into the station. The shopping centres, of which there are two, are built underneath the business complex and ajacendent to the tube station. I towards the centre of the shopping complex, passing the entrance to CitiGroup on my left. Up head, was the entrance to HSBC. Then, I saw the prize. The reason I had trekked across the other side of London. I was frankly somewhat disappointed. Mainly because I had expected a store, rather than just a side kart. I was not going to let this get in the way, of this new experience. Before I had time to think, I was approached by an employee, who was very courtesy, wanting to help me. A friend had mentioned that the best option, on your first time is to go for the single glazed doughnut, which is their best seller. So, I ordered 24. No, before you start making wild accussation on my greediness, I bought them for my colleagues at work. (Why else would I be here, just before 8am on a Friday morning?). I ordered a tea, with my order, using the spare few minutes I had to refuel and take in my new enviroment. Everybody was heading to work around me, and many were in their own quiet little worlds. Ask I made for my order and the two large boxes were being bagged, I looked up and smiled at the attendant. She must have read my mind. I had been waiting for her to say something. Having already had my expectations lowered by the size of the actual store, I did not expect for it to be said. Yet, it was said. Said with such feeling and consideration, it made my day. Looking back, it was more important than I imagined at the time. “Have A Nice Day Sir!” And it definitely was, after tasting those delicious doughnuts.

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