Friday 24th April 2006

There was a big doubt that I would make it to Friday and be able to finally enjoy the weekend. The moment came, just after 7.30pm when I put the volume up on the television and starting channel surfing the music television channels. I came across The Hits, who were showing the Top Fifty ‘Shoulda Been Number One’ tracks and on came my favourite 90s track by the Australian pop star, Kylie Minogue. Sure, ‘Better The Devil You Know’ does have the full SWA signature all over it, but it is still a great feel good pop song, and there are the first signs of what was to come. I should really add Kylie to my Top 10 listing. Then over on the Vault, they screened another classic Number 2 from 2003, by Mis-Teeq, ‘Scandalous’. Three years old and still sounding as fresh as it did on the day of release. To those people who do not understand and have never truly experienced the Friday Feeling, it is difficult to explain. It is just the buzz of yet another working week over and some forty eight hours to yourself. This week has been a bigger struggle than most, but we battled through, even if at times it was touch and go. Perhaps it is a western cultural thing.

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