Friday 21st June 2002

It was not to be! Oh, how we can dream of what could have happened. When Owen scored, the country was united for some twenty minutes, in celebration. England were leading 1-0 against Brazil. But, the gods above were not looking to aid our boys and we lost. Enough said. I am sure the media, will continue the post-tournament analysis of the England team’s failures. I am just looking forward to the next big international tournament, Euro 2004, to be hosted by Portugal. The USA played with much confidence, and were unlucky to lose to Germany 1-0. The score line does not reflect the hard work the Americans put in, to try and level the deficit. News on the site, well I am thinking of creating a mirror of this site on another server. This will allow more users to access the site and provide a backup, should this server be unavailable or down. I am working on the transfer, hopefully the site will be up by next weekend. Some updates, to audio and top ten pages.

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