Friday 19th September 2003

I moved into my student house, in Leicester on Monday morning. It was a struggle against time to get all my bits and pieces sorted, packed and loaded into my car for the journey up to the East Midlands. Leaving early, I made good time on the motorway. Rather than go the conventional route of M40, then M25 and finally M1 northbound, I take a quieter journey to the city. My taking the M40 northbound and taking the junction 15 exit, I head onto the A46. This goes around the outskirts of Coventry. I then pick up the M69, directly into Leicester. The journey, allows you to make excellent time and also the A-roads break the two large motorway junks into more manageable pieces. I made great time, having left High Wycombe at 8am, I was in Leicester just before 9.30am.

I spend the rest of the day, organizing my room and getting a feeling for my new surroundings. This will be what I call home for the next nine months or so. It is great to be back in Leicester. Although, there are still many students to come back, it does feel strange but I’m trying my best to switch back into student mode.

I was adjusting back to all the local radio stations in the area and life without all my favourite London based radio stations. However, it was 11pm and Late Night Love was on Leicester Sound, (part of The Mix Radio Network) and as I turned the volume up, a familiar song filled my room. Human Nature by Michael Jackson, I was back in Leicester and the final part of my journey has began!

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